It’s Time We Started Counting the Victims of Fauci’s Lockdowns & Asking Ourselves How Likely It Is They Weren’t Intended

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The competition is stiff.

And there are oh-so-many contenders.

So, choosing a winner is bound to come down to just a matter of taste.

But if I had to pick the most reprehensibly bone-chilling statement we’ve heard since this year-long Chicom-induced nightmare began—the sort of remark betraying a level of callous disregard for human suffering more befitting a demon than a human being—it would be Anthony Fauci’s stomach-turning October claim that he can’t think of a single reason America might have suffered any “excess deaths” in 2020 apart from COVID-19.

A stunning contention coming from anyone, to be sure.

But to hear the celebrity spokesperson for inflicting Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist cohorts’ preposterous and unheard of counsel that we suddenly start ignoring the difference between the sick and the healthy by pushing the mere possibility that symptomless people might spread COVID-19—which Fauci himself noted in January was scientifically impossible—in a flagrantly malevolent attempt to push us into taking the catastrophic step of locking the whole place down is almost too much to bear.

That an official collecting the most handsome of salaries to safeguard the public’s health would be so soullessly evil as to use his authority to, instead, intentionally inflict an atrocity on the American people is bound to be tough for a normal decent human being to grasp.

But if you’re among the many still insisting that Anthony Fauci brought down this mountain of hardship, misery, and death on our heads out of incompetence or pathological vanity, you need to sit down for a few minutes and start reflecting on the obvious facts that have been staring you in the face for at least half a year now.

For though the media’s incessant hype about life-long bureaucrat Anthony Fauci’s unmatched scientific prowess is worse than a load of rubbish… if the opinion of the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the process used to test for COVID-19 counts for anything, at any rate:

Even a wretched bureaucracy-climbing mediocrity like Anthony Fauci had to know exactly what he was doing when he pushed the nation into his catastrophic lockdowns.

Indeed, the malignant little puppet’s own pronouncements conclusively demonstrate that he knew exactly what he was about.

Think about all he’s said and, perhaps even more tellingly, all that Anthony Fauci has neglected to say in the last awful year.

On January 28, 2020, Fauci himself asserted what former Pfizer head-of-research, Dr. Mike Yeadon has termed the “broad rule of biology” and what every man, woman, and child in America already knew before Fauci and his media enablers twisted our minds into knots:


There was never a shred of evidence that SARS-CoV-2—which is just one among a family of respiratory viruses humanity has been dealing with for time immemorial—was an exception to Dr. Yeadon’s broad rule of biology.

Not even Fauci himself claimed otherwise when he changed his tune in a February 26 New York Times article that reads like a straight-up piece of Chicom lockdown propaganda:

“I don’t think there’s any question that someone who is without symptoms and carrying the virus can transmit the virus to somebody else,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“The question is, how prevalent is that phenomenon? Is that becoming an important driver of the outbreaks, or is it an unusual occurrence?”

When asymptomatic carriers are important factors in an outbreak, he said, “you are going to put greater emphasis and burden on testing people.” [emphasis mine]

Even had Fauci cited some research suggesting that asymptomatic transmission was a threat, one doesn’t overturn broad rules of biology based on a few hastily done studies.

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But, as you can plainly see, Fauci himself admitted it was at best an open question whether people not showing any symptoms were in any real danger of spreading COVID-19.

So, how could all the carnage that was sure to inexorably follow from locking the whole place down been justified based on a mere theoretical possibility that Fauci himself had stated less than one month early had never occurred in all of human history?

Moreover, how could Anthony Fauci have been anything but flagrantly lying when he tried to terrify us with talk of what happens “when asymptomatic carriers are an important factor” in that NY Times piece given that, again, less than a month earlier he explicitly noted they never have been in all of history!

And how could Fauci’s March 11, 2020, testimony to Congress that COVID-19 is “at least 10 times more lethal” than the flu be anything but perjury given that,—just 11 days before—he explicitly told his fellow experts unlikely to fall for bogus stats that, au contraire, it would probably turn out to be “akin” to a “severe seasonal influenza”!

But, Fauci didn’t just admit to his peers what Stanford epidemiologist, John Ioannidis, was desperately trying to get us to understand in March and later confirmed in April…

In that February 28 New England Journal of Medicine piece asserting that COVID-19 was likely to be comparable to the flu, Fauci explained exactly why the stats he would go on to terrorize Congress with a mere 10 days later were bogus!

Because only the most severe COVID-19 cases were getting tested in those early days, “the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases.” Hence, Fauci explained:

[T]he overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)

Yet, just 11 days later—as you can plainly see in the above video of his testimony—the cretinous liar told Congress that if “all the asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic” cases are counted, COVID-19  turns out to be, instead, “10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu.” Fauci even went so far as to explicitly address his lies to the American people as “something they can wrap their arms around and understand.”

Perhaps now you understand why—in addition to insisting that Fauci is a charlatan who “doesn’t know anything” about medicine or science—the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the process used to test for COVID-19, Kary Mullis, also tried to warn us before he died in August 2019 that:

Tony Fauci does not mind going on television–in front of the people who pay his salary–and lie directly into the camera.

But, regardless of Kary Mullis’s prescient warning, what more proof could there possibly be that the stats Anthony Fauci used to terrorize us into accepting his catastrophic lockdowns just 11 days after his New England Journal of Medicine article appeared directly contradicting every single word were deliberate perjury?

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But the proof that Fauci flagrantly lied so we’d consent to shutting down the whole country in some ways pales in comparison to all that he didn‘t say.

For heaven’s sake, if not for yourself and your family, then for all those consigned to an early grave because Fauci convinced us to shut down medical care for cancer, heart disease, and a host of other ailments vastly more deadly than COVID-19, ask yourself one question:

Is it even remotely plausible that he didn’t fully understand the massive quantity of ugly, painful, and entirely preventable deaths he was about to cause or that—as we saw above he continues to insist—to this day it’s never occurred to Anthony Fauci that people will die of cancer if you stop them from getting diagnosed and treated?

Think about whether it’s possible Anthony Fauci didn’t willfully inflict this atrocity on us for all the sad deluded souls he terrorized into thinking a disease which—as he himself admitted—is no more deadly than a severe seasonal flu was a reason to be too afraid to take the necessary step of leaving their bloody homes to get the treatment when it became available…

Random people on Twitter were warning of the massive increase in suicides and drug overdoses Fauci’s lockdowns were sure to bring from the very beginning…

I myself pointed that Fauci’s counsel was bound to drive countless past the brink of despair way back in March as were people with much larger platforms:

Yet we’re supposed to believe that none of this occurred and to this day still hasn’t occurred to Anthony Fauci.

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So, for all the shuttered businesses, lost jobs, and lives destroyed…

…and for all the poor souls already struggling under the wretched burden of depression or addiction driven to the most miserable and degrading possible death because of Anthony Fauci’s single-minded determination to inflict social isolation and an unrelenting state of terror on the nation, think about whether it’s remotely possible that he didn’t willfully cause their torturous final moments on earth feeling hopelessly abandoned and unloved.

And for all the people strong enough to thus far survive the horror inflicted on us but who’s suffering, nonetheless, it would be a crime to ignore, realize how obscene and preposterous it is to suggest that Anthony Fauci had no idea and to this day still doesn’t that locking down the entire country would have any negative consequences at all.

But, if all of that isn’t enough to make you face the plain facts that have been staring you in the face for almost a year now, perhaps you need to look at the faces of some of the children who couldn’t bear the torturous isolation Anthony Fauci inflicted on them by terrorizing the nation with his despicable lies about COVID-19.

A Twitter user has started compiling a list of just the smallest fraction of the completely predictable carnage Fauci’s lies have caused that he wants us to believe he’s never considered.

Take a look at the faces of all these children who took their own lives because their young souls weren’t strong enough to bear the hideously cruel and unnatural terror-stricken isolation that Anthony Fauci was so determined to inflict on us all with his flagrant lies.

Make everyone you know do the same.

Because I’m sorry to tell you. We’ve long passed reach the point where anyone denying that all these and oh-so-many more deaths are on Anthony Fauci’s head is himself complicit in inflicting this murderous atrocity on the American people.

And if Anthony Fauci and those who collaborated in inflicting this atrocity on the American people aren’t arrested, tried, and subjected to swift and merciless justice, each and every one of us will have to stand before God with at least one grievous sin on our conscious for allowing them to escape earthly justice for this most despicable and heinous of crimes.



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