Ja Rule still hasn’t seen any of the Fyre Festival documentaries

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Because “he lived it”

Ja Rule has admitted that he still hasn’t watched any of the documentaries that have been made about the failed Fyre Festival.

The rapper was involved in organising the disastrous and now-infamous 2017 Bahamas festival. The story of the event and the dealings of Ja’s business partner Billy McFarland, who is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud, were the subject of two popular 2019 documentaries, Fyre Fraud and the Netflix-produced Fyre.

Appearing as a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live over the weekend, host Andy Cohen asked Ja Rule a quick-fire series of questions about Fyre Festival — including whether he’d seen either of the two films.

“I have not,” he replied. “I lived it, Andy… I’m good.”

Ja then walked back previous comments he’d made in which he claimed that Fyre was more “false advertising” than it was fraud: “I believe now, after everything unravelled, it was a little of both.”

He also said that he hadn’t been in contact with McFarland since he went to prison. You can watch the interview above.

“Well, I mean, [Fyre] wasn’t my fault,” Ja Rule later added when asked if he’d stage another festival. “Here’s the thing, Andy, I wanna do it the right way, the right partners. And here’s what I know: I have the biggest festival in the world, even if it never happened.”

Back in January, Ja Rule tweeted about his belief that there were ethical issues surrounding the two Fyre Festival documentaries.



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