Janice Dean Calls out Gov Cuomo for Signalling He Might Let Fans Attend NFL Games

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2020 has been calamitous year for New York, between violent, destructive protests by Antifa and Black Lives Matters, residents fleeing the state in droves over high taxes and mounting regulations on small business owners, and of course, what appears to be flagrant mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic response by the Empire State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. I wrote about the (rotten) state of the Big Apple itself in my latest “Higher Culture,” VIP piece last night, too.

Earlier on Wednesday came word that Cuomo is still failing to get his priorities straight, with the news that he could approve a new proposal by the NFL’s Buffalo Bills team to allow thousands of fans to attend home games sometime this season. Oh, and Cuomo’s making positive noises about it happening.


The Bills, winners of the AFC East title, will host their first home playoff game since 1995. Bills Stadium has been without fans all season.

Cuomo said a proposal that would require rapid testing for COVID-19, combined with the ability for postgame contact tracing, is being studied. He said it could serve as a model for how large-scale events could be held in the future.

“We would like to do it,” Cuomo said during his COVID-19 briefing from the state capital of Albany. “Nothing is final.”

This afternoon, Cuomo nemesis and Fox News chief meteorologist Janice Dean caught wind of it. And she didn’t hold back.

She shared the story with fans on Twitter this way:

Unbelievable. People haven’t seen their loved ones in 10 months, no indoor dining, businesses gone for good. But NYGovCuomo wants fans including himself to go watch football. He is truly despicable.

Janice adds that, while “hate is a very strong word,” she struggles to fight it when it comes to the governor’s actions related to the coronavirus pandemic in New York:

If you’re not familiar with Janice’s continuing pressure on Gov. Cuomo and his administration, it stems from the fact that her in-laws, who were living in a long-term care facility in New York, both passed away this year from complications of coronavirus. Many people believe that Cuomo’s refusal to keep COVID patients from being placed in facilities like that one cost the lives of many Americans he should have taken care to protect — the ill and the elderly. And I can’t say I blame Janice one bit for keeping Democrat politicians’ feet to the fire on this issue, can you?

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In the spirit of love in the Christmas spirit, it wasn’t all negative news on Janice Dean “the Weather Machine’s” part…

She also had good tidings and a thank you for all the love and support she and her family have received from the American people this year.

She wrote:

You all kept me going this year with your kindness, support, love, prayers and encouragement. There were many times I wanted to give up. Sometimes it was just one message of: “you’re doing the right thing!” I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you all so much.



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