Jen Psaki Is Asked If the Biden Considers Israel an Important Ally, Her Response Is More Than Troubling

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One of the many problematic areas that concerns people about Joe Biden is how he will handle Iran. We’re already seeing troubling evidence that he’s returning to the old Obama/Biden method of cozying up to them as I wrote about last week.

But part and parcel of that is while Biden is cozying up to Iran and hopping immediately on the phone to call the leaders of Russia and China, he has not as yet even called Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, usually one of the first calls that one makes after one gets into office, because you generally call the country’s allies not our enemies. But perhaps Biden is confused about who is an enemy and who is an ally, given his closeness to nations like China?

While he hasn’t even gotten around to calling Netanyahu yet, he’s announced he will be restoring aid to the Palestinians, according to the Daily Wire. Says a lot about his priorities.

From Daily Wire:

“The Biden administration will restore diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority, more than two years after President Donald J. Trump effectively ended them,” The New York Times reported in late January, adding, “The shift, which will include a resumption of American aid to the Palestinians, was announced on Tuesday in a speech by Richard Mills, the acting United States ambassador to the United Nations.”

People, including the Israelis, have noticed what appears to be the obvious dis of Israel. According to the Free Beacon, everyone since Ronald Reagan has called the Israeli leader within the first week in office.

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So a reporter actually committed journalism and asked Jen Psaki what’s up? What’s the story and did the Biden team still consider Israel and Saudi Arabia allies?

Listen as Psaki completely evades the question about why they haven’t made the call, “He’s not called every single global leader yet.”

Psaki then refuses to call Israel an ally when asked by another reporter trying to follow up on the question. She claims “we’ve only been here three and a half weeks.”

The reporter said, “But can you please just give a broad sense of what the administration is trying to achieve in the Middle East? For example, does the administration still consider the Saudis and the Israelis important allies?” That should be a simple answer, right? It shouldn’t require another three weeks to figure it out. A simple yes would suffice. But Psaki refused to give that simple yes.

She has to consider the policies they’re going to have before she responds to that simple question? Really?

That raises a grave concern. If she can’t even say they’re allies because they’re working on “policies,” what policies is she talking about and how radical are they going to be to change the nature of our relationships in the Middle East? What it looks like is that once again Biden is kowtowing to the radical left of his party and maybe being influenced by Iran into the bargain as well.

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A troubling prospect for sure.



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