Joe Biden Sets His Self-Awareness On Fire

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

I’m making the charitable assumption that he had any in the first place.

Joe Biden has managed to lose even more of his faculties over the past week. He spent part of it telling weird stories about kids stroking his leg hair. Then today, he upped his game by calling an Iowa voter fat and challenging him to a push up contest. There’s apparently no end in sight to how many gaffes the master can make over a given time period.

Not happy with just being the creepy, senile guy in the race, Biden has also chosen to set his self-awareness on fire with a new campaign ad targeting Trump. The ad is based off of recent footage showing Justin Trudeu and Emanuel Macron laughing at the President.

Wait, he thinks it’s a bad thing that Europe and Canada’s leaders don’t like Trump?

Contrary to this ton of this ad, I’d speculate that a large portion of the country don’t care what the Canadians and Europeans think. In fact, if a President isn’t shaking things up enough for them to look down their noses at them, they probably aren’t doing much good. There’s a reason Trudeau doesn’t like Trump. It’s because the President has smacked him in the mouth rhetorically and economically. The same is true of Macron, who’s country is currently threatening a trade war they will absolutely lose. These are leaders who control stagnating countries. Their opinions just aren’t that relevant.

Of course, there’s also the reality that everyone is actually laughing at Joe Biden. He’s a walking factory of comedic failures. From tales of “Corn Pop” at the pool to his inability to distinguish between a text message number and a website. The idea that world leaders are standing in respectful awe of Joe Biden is laughable. What they are actually doing is salivating at the prospect of having another weak kneed U.S. President to run over. These people want someone who will never criticize their laziness or lack of commitment to major issues, nor challenge them on unfair trade practices. Biden will give them exactly what they want in spades.

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Meanwhile, Trump holds their feet to the fire on NATO spending and high tariffs on U.S. goods. So sure, Trudeau and Macron may be laughing at Trump because they aren’t getting what they want from him, but the real joke here is Joe Biden and everyone knows it.


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