Joe Biden Takes Failing Up to an Unprecedented Level

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When I found out some weeks back that Andy Slavitt was being brought in by Joe Biden to be a top COVID advisor, all I could do was chuckle. This was a guy who has been consistently wrong for the entirety of the pandemic, including projecting over one million deaths. His Twitter feed presents itself as the ravings of lunatic, and his proclamations on things like lock downs and mask usage have been shown to be evidence free garbage.

Yet, Slavitt might not be the worst example of failing up in the Biden administration. There’s a new contender, and she’s taking things to an unprecedented level. It’s truly the worst of Washington on display.


The fact that this woman spells her name with a “z” should have been a clue something was off, but I digress. Suzan Levine has announced her elevation to the Biden administration from serving as Washington state’s Commissioner of Employment Security Department. As head of the ESD, her job was ostensibly to protect her state from fraud involving things like benefit payments. Instead, she lost $600 million to Nigerian scam artists. No, I’m not joking. That’s really a thing that happened.

After that was revealed, Levine attempted to cover her own backside by refusing an audit to figure out what the heck happened. Her agency has been embattled and under investigation ever since. She also oversaw long delays during the pandemic in getting people benefits.

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Now, here comes the kicker. Levine and her husband gave $400,000 toward Biden’s election effort during the 2020 cycle. For her troubles, she’s going from losing hundreds of millions of dollars with her incompetence to doing the same job at the federal level. Brilliant, right?

The swamp is alive and well, and Joe Biden is shoveling more and more garbage into it. Where are the outraged media reports about him appointing people with such obvious records of failure? We know the answer to that is that the media are biased hacks. Of course, there’s also the fact that this is just how Washington works. You are never too much of a pathetic failure to be promoted as long as you give money to the right people and have the right politics. If you want Exhibit A for why our country is in the shape it’s end, this is it. These are the kinds of people who end up running your life. Positive experience and accomplishment need not apply.




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