Kara’s Party Ideas Preschool Valentine Printable Worksheet

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Preschool Valentine Printable Worksheet | Kara's Party Ideas

My kids always come home from preschool with the cutest activities related to the upcoming holiday. They love the “roll-a” activity worksheets that are all over the Internet right now. I thought it would be fun to highlight this Roll-a-Love Bug Preschool Valentine Printable Worksheet that my little one is ga-ga over.

The directions are as follows:

  1. Print out the worksheet and bug body parts.
  2. Give each child the following:
    1. Glue
    2. Scissors
    3. Crayons
    4. Dice
  3. Children start the game by cutting out the bug parts from the body parts worksheet. Alternately, you can have these parts pre-cut and place in a bag for each child.
  4. Children then roll the die and build the Love Bug according to the number rolled, rolling until all parts of the bug are placed on the worksheet. 


  1. To decrease the difficulty for children who are still working on small motor skills, crayons can be used to draw the smaller items (boots, arms, eyes, antenna). 
  2. To increase the difficulty for children, add in an activity for when a duplicate number is rolled. (For example, if the body is already rolled then when that number is rolled the child will do an alternate activity such as a push-up, sit up or jump up and down or multiply that number by a predetermined number or write a line of a biography for the Love Bug they are creating).

Preschool Valentine Printable Worksheet

Preschool Valentine Printable Worksheet | Kara's Party Ideas

You can print the worksheet here

You can print the bug parts here

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