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This post is sponsored but all opinions are true and my very own. 

It’s happened; you are in charge of planning the Halloween party. That’s easy, right? Bring out the ghosts, pumpkins, and mummies and the fun pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern game.


No. Not this year. Silly ghosts and mummies just won’t cut it this year! You need help and you need it fast!


Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. Why not bring out the future pop star in everyone this year, and throw the best party ever? I teamed up with KIDZ BOP to come up with the Ultimate KIDZ BOP Halloween Party!

The most amazing thing about this party is that I’ve included a ton of DIY tutorials that will save some serious cash. Just like all my tutorials, these Halloween DIY’s are super easy. They are perfect for the self-proclaimed “non-crafter”!

KIDZ BOP, the #1 music brand for kids, has the perfect kid-friendly Halloween playlists for everyone to sing and dance along to – including Ultimate KIDZ BOP Halloween Party with hits like “Monster Mash” and “Disturbia,” you’re set for a night of trick-or-treat fun!


Styling & Photography- Kara’s Party Ideas / Kara Allen
KIDZ BOP Merchandise- KIDZ BOP Shop
Balloons, Mini Microphones, Jack-O-Lanterns, Giant Spider Web, Napkins, Decor- Oriental Trading Company

All printables are available to download at the bottom of this post!

Ultimate KIDZ BOP Halloween Party

I started off the planning with deciding on a festive and fun color scheme. Shades of pinks and orange were in short order. I highlighted those main colors with pops of black and white. Pay special attention to the eye-catching balloon garland and trendy fringe hanging above the party table. 

Every pop star party needs some themed tunes! KIDZ BOP has created the perfect kid-friendly Halloween playlists with all the biggest hits! From the Ultimate KIDZ BOP Halloween Party, to Jack-O’-Lantern Jams, to Spooky Sweet Beats–KIDZ BOP has all the playlists to get you and your guests in the Halloween spirit!

You can find all the KIDZ BOP Halloween Playlists on Spotify below:

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KIDZ BOP Ultimate Halloween Party
KIDZ BOP Jack-O’-Lantern Jams
KIDZ BOP Trick-Or-Treat Tunes
KIDZ BOP Spooky Sweet Beats
KIDZ BOP Monster Hits

Let’s get started!


DIY Activity #1: Edible Pop Star Headphones-

First up: gather your supplies. In this DIY you will need a chocolate or black licorice strand and two chocolate donuts for each pair of headphones you are making. 

Curve the licorice into a “bridge” shape. 

Using a butter knife, make a slit in the top of each donut. Push the ends of the licorice into each donut. Place a KIDZ BOP logo on each donut to complete the look. (You can get the logos to print at the end of the post!)

For some added fun place whatever design you’d like on each donut for a personalized headphone like icing and sprinkles! I  chose the KIDZ BOP logo to add to the pop star fun!

DIY Activity #2: Photo Booth + Selfie Station-

If you do nothing else for a successful pop star party, make sure you have a gram-worthy photo booth and selfie station! To create this Halloween themed booth start with pink, black, and orange balloons. Blow up all the balloons and tie them off. Attach the balloons to a balloon decorating strip.  

Hang a large spiderweb on the wall (I found mine HERE). Attach the balloon garland strip to the wall using masking tape. 

You can add in extra pom-poms and sparkly items to create visual interest. I took apart balloon weights and added the top of the weights to the garland for a fun metallic touch.  


Fringe is everywhere right now. When planning a trendy party, make sure your fringe all the things! I use cheerleader-esque pom-poms to make life easy. 

Scatter more balloons of varying sizes on the floor of the photo booth to add to the experience. 

Strike a pose! Every good photo booth needs signs. You can download these signs HERE or at the bottom of this post!

DIY Activity #3: Microphone Craft Party Activity-

Make some noise for your pop stars! A pop star party is not complete without some microphones! This DIY activity is as easy as saying “Trick-Or-Treat!” 

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Supplies: black glitter paper, pink pony beads (or any other embellishments you desire), styrofoam ball, Elmer’s Glue, silver glitter. 

Roll the paper into a tube shape and secure it with glue or tape. Paint the styrofoam ball with Elmer’s glue and immediately add silver glitter. After the glue and glitter are completely dry, hot glue the ball to the top of the paper tube.

Embellish with pony beads for the microphone buttons.

DIY Activity #4: KIDZ BOP Halloween Costume-

To make this pop star costume, grab a denim vest and these iron-on patches from the KIDZ BOP shop.

Place the patches around the best to decide what placement looks best. Then fire up your iron and get pressing!

The shirt, hat and temporary tattoos are from the KIDZ BOP shop. Pair them with some jazzercise-ready leg warmers, arm-bands, a tulle skirt, loads of jewelry, and your trick-or-treater will be one step closer to becoming a future pop star!

A Halloween Masterpiece! 


Time for intermission! Your guests can take a break from striking a pose to create their very own personalized Halloween masterpiece! Download these Halloween-themed KIDZ BOP coloring sheets HERE and at the bottom of this post.

DIY Activity #5: Spooky Halloween Candy Keyboard-

I love a good, edible DIY tutorial and this Skeleton Keyboard is a winner! It’s easy and awesome. 

Use white chocolate Kit Kat’s for the ivory piano keys and milk chocolate Kit Kat’s cut in half for the ebony keys. 

Add cobwebs and plastic spiders to complete the spooky look!

Don’t forget to download the printable food labels here and at the bottom of this post! 

DIY Activity #6: Edible Pop Star Drumsticks-

Practice your drumming skills with these DIY Pop Star Drumsticks! 

This DIY craft is the perfect use for your leftover marshmallows from all your summer s’more adventures. Push the marshmallows onto sturdy pretzel rods, and you’re all set! 


Use a glass vase to display the rockin’ drumsticks.

Download the pop star drumstick label here

DIY Activity #7- KIDZ BOP Pumpkin Carving-

Before trick-or-treating begins, your guests can team up to carve pumpkins. Download the KIDZ BOP pumpkin stencils here or at the bottom of this post! Make sure that there is plenty of adult supervision with the pumpkin carving knives.

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And, that’s a Wrap! 

I can’t wait to see what fun Halloween parties you create using all these pop star ideas, KIDZ BOP playlists, DIY tutorials, and free printables! 


Click on the link below each image to download your free KIDZ BOP templates / printables! 

Download the free printable Halloween KIDZ BOP coloring page HERE

Download the free printable Halloween slime KIDZ BOP coloring page HERE

Download the free printable Halloween pumpkin KIDZ BOP coloring page HERE.

Download the free printable KIDZ BOP Halloween food labels HERE.

Download the free printable Halloween Pop Star KIDZ BOP photo booth sign HERE.

Download the free printable Halloween Future KIDZ BOP Kid photo booth sign HERE.

Download the free printable Halloween KIDZ BOP Best Time Ever photo booth sign HERE.

Download the free printable Halloween KIDZ BOP Make Some Noise photo booth sign HERE.

Download the free printable KIDZ BOP Halloween pumpkin carving template | stencil HERE.


Download the free printable KIDZ BOP Halloween lightning bolt pumpkin carving template | stencil HERE.




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