Katy Tur Tries to Gaslight Over ‘Insurrection,’ and People Have Thoughts

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Katy Tur has never been known as a straight shooter. One of the more partisan voices on MSNBC (and that’s saying something), she presents herself as a hard news anchor while finding it absolutely impossible to not let her left-wing bias show through. At one point, she compared journalists to fire fighters, rushing into burning buildings because there’s no more a delusional group of people on the planet than those who work in the legacy news industry.

Yesterday, the Trump team dropped a video at his impeachment trial of Democrats calling to “fight like hell” over the last several years. That was done as a defense of the common usage of the term in political speech.

This was Katy Tur’s response.

My response, and what should be the response of everyone who has any knowledge of recent history, is this: Why, yes, of course all those calls to fight by Democrats did lead to insurrection.

Perhaps Tur was comatose over last summer’s festivities. The rest of us recall the court houses on fire, the police precincts burned down, the stores looted, the violent political demands of groups like Black Lives Matter, and the dozens of people killed and murdered. In fact, if we want to get technical, the only recent example of a real insurrection happened in Seattle, where a group of lefty nut jobs setup an “autonomous” zone that ended up in multiple people dead.

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Heck, if you want to get even more apples to apples, Democrat rioters tried to storm the White House last year. That resulted in Trump being rushed to a protective bunker. Instead of calling that an “insurrection,” the media made fun of the president.

Anyone pretending that none of those happenings are on the vicious, dishonest rhetoric of Democrat politicians while insisting that every word Trump said was “incitement” is nothing more than a complete hack. We had Democrat elected officials excusing and encouraging rioting, including people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. CNN ran a piece in which Chris Cuomo claimed that protests do not have to be non-violent. Even Joe Biden said “fight like hell” at one point last year.

Sorry, but there will be no double standards here. Any attempts at such will be relentlessly called out and mocked until the other side is made to live by their own rules.

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