King Buckwheat and Queen Ceres introduced at Buckwheat Festival Media Day

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KINGWOOD W.Va. – This year’s King Buckwheat and Queen Ceres have been chosen and both are excited to officially reign.

Madeline Warnick has wanted the title since she was a little girl.

“I hope that I can inspire other people and other children to one day run for the court. I hope to inspire the people to see the potential that preston county has and all of the infuence it has on this community,” said Warnick.

Hunter Thomas says he has been preparing his whole life to become King Buckwheat. His family has been heavily involved in agriculture in Preston County for many years.

“Promoting agriculture in the county. Agriculture in the county is slowly dying and I just want to continue to encourage the youth to take up a field in agriculture,” said Thomas.

The king and queen will be officially crowned at the coronation ceremony of the buckwheat festival held on Friday, September 27th at noon.

The festival, which is held every year during the last weekend in September is known for the famous buckwheat cakes. This is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department.

“That’s really what our department is known for. Everyone kind of has their niche and buckwheat cakes are ours. And we do them at the festival obviously but then we also do them once a month, on the second Sunday of every month,” said Ethan Rouzee, Assistant Chief of the Kingwood VFD.

Nearly 1,000 meals are served during the monthly dinners and around 12,000 buckwheat meals will be served during the festival.

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The crew at the fire department have perfected the buckwheat cake making technique through the years.

“Lots of practice, lots of practice. We’ve been doing this breakfast for example, for just right at 20 years. So lots of practice at flipping and it does, like the pouring, the pouring take lots of practice to get it down. As you can see, the guys in the background, it just so happens that they pour them good enough that they pour them round on their own,” said Rouzee.

Find the Buckwheat Festival schedule here.



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