Kristi Noem Definitely May Be the GOAT With This Amazing Pic

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Let’s face it.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is a certifiable badass, in every good sense of that term.

She stood in the breach for her state and refused to shut it down, treating her citizens like the adults they were and saving her state’s economy. She also refused to impose a mask mandate and that maybe bearing out too, with questions being raised about whether masks in fact inhibit that spread. She took a lot of heat from liberals for it but stuck to her guns and earned a lot of respect thereby. She’s been attacked by the media over the virus, yet the number of deaths in the state are still one of the lowest numbers in the country, according to Worldometers.

Folks are already talking about her as a potential future presidential candidate, which definitely would be uncommon, to have someone from South Dakota.

In addition to her response to the virus, she’s not your usual politician. She’s farmed with her family for years, owned and operated a hunting operation, and helped manage the family restaurant. She’s also become known for posting some interesting photos on social media and she just posted a great one.

It’s a picture of herself holding a flamethrower and saying, “Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list”?

Now, seriously, how do you top a picture like that? Now her office made it clear that she doesn’t actually own it. The Argus Leader reports that it’s actually not that uncommon an item in South Dakota, “They’re available online and are even stocked at local firearms and ammunition stores. The brand carried by Gary’s Gunshop in Sioux Falls retails for $699.” They might be used by someone like Noem who owns a ranch to clear out land/brush.

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But it’s hard to get hotter than that. And let’s be frank, she already was pretty hot, but she just racked it up a notch. She even had people talking about moving to South Dakota.

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