Kutztown Folk Festival enters final weekend

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KUTZTOWN, Pa. – For some, spending this humid summer evening at the 70th Annual Kutztown Folk Festival, it’s a stroll, but for others, it’s something else.

“It was fun, it’s kinda like a walk back in time here,” said Tana Cooper of Honeybrook.

And for some, it’s a smooth trek down the railroad tracks.

Yet for others, it’s an uncommon rocking-chair chat on a makeshift porch.

However you traverse the fest’s past-times, with just two days remaining, there’s still a lot of new things to see, do and learn, even for those participating.

“Up until about a year ago, we didn’t realize we had so much to offer other people,” said Jean Adam, with Jean’s Front Porch.

It’s the first year for Jean’s Front Porch, a descent into Pennsylvania Dutch presented by those who live it.

“I was raised Pennsylvania Dutch and my husband and I enjoy the heritage,” Adam said.

As the words waft through the warm July air, across the way, there’s work to be done on the railroad.

“The pump cars are used for track maintenance,” said Mike Bast, with the Allentown-Auburn Railroad. “The section gangs they used to get to the job sites along the railroad.”

In the heat, is it as hard as it looks?

“It wasn’t actually that hard, it may seem hard, but it’s actually not,” said Daisy Cooper of Honeybrook.

Meanwhile, with the detailed re-enactments of decades ago, it can make for a comforting comparison.

“We’re used to so many comforts right and this kind of let’s you experience what it was like long ago,” said Cooper.

Finally, a finger-licking lead line up the fret board of a guitar, serves as a bridge into the sounds of decades a little closer to ours.

As the Washington, New Jersey swing outfit called “Crash Gordon and Debrah Dynamite” conjures up Johnny Cash for the crowd.

Turns out, you can get more than what you expect from a stroll at the Kutztown Folk Fest.

“Wonderful, its far exceeded our expectations,” said Adams.

The Kutztown Folk Festival runs through Sunday, July 7.



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