LA County Supervisor Dismisses Constituent Criticisms Of Her Rank Hypocrisy

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Elected officials often get communications from constituents that are less than pleasant.  I previously worked in the office of an elected official and primarily handled those communications.  At times, it certainly was not pleasant however, we always remained optimistic and pleasant in our responses, even when it would have felt much better to tell the person to pound sand.

It was revealed yesterday, that after voting to ban outdoor dining at restaurants throughout Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was seen dining at a posh Santa Monica Restaurant, just hours later.  It seems this level of rank hypocrisy is a common thread throughout liberal politicians, who virtual signal their concern and enact draconian measures, only to violate their directives shortly thereafter.

Kuehl, when she isn’t out attempting to frustrate the plans of the Goonies, has been the first on the Board of Supervisors to demand strict measures to allegedly combat COVID-19, and supports not-a-doctor Ferrer in her quest to destroy all business in Los Angeles.

After the news of Kuehl’s hypocrisy broke yesterday, a concerned citizen, who will remain nameless for the sake of this report, emailed Supervisor Mama Fratelli to express their frustration with her actions.  The emails (which copied LA County Health Director, Barbara Ferrer), exclusively obtained by RedState, show that while frustrated, the constituent remained respectful in their communications with Supervisor Kuehl despite them having every right to read her the riot act.

The response that they got was not only sarcastically dismissive but bordered on threatening.

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Just what exactly does Supervisor Kuehl means by “disappointed you won’t be writing me again” is unknown, but since the constituent didn’t mention that they weren’t going to be contacting again, it either means that Kuehl is blocking their email address (which btw, has been found to be unconstitutional by the courts – the government can’t block you from contacting them) or that she has another course of action that will prevent the constituent from contacting her in the future.  What is clear, is that Kuehl (or her staff) doesn’t care at all what her constituents think about her wildly hypocritical behavior.

Then again, think about the unapologetic nature by which all of the liberals who have been called out for their hypocrisy, have reacted.  This is another blatant case of rules for thee, but not for me.



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