Lawsuits and Countersuits in the Hamlet of Fraser

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Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.– Michael Corleone

Truer words have never been spoken about my time here in Fraser, Michigan as the unelected, self-appointed Peoples Mayor to the 15k people of this quaint lil city in the middle of Macomb County. Every time I think I can focus on court cases being held or that might be held by the pretty building in the picture here (Supreme Court Building) I get pulled back in and I realize Groundhog Day the movie is really a thing.


I have written about the problems, corruption, and just general trouble of the Lil town I live in right here on Red State many times. If you think that it is just the Federal or State governments that have problems, you should really check out where you live. Where do you think the State and Fed peeps learned how to do the stuff they do? Most likely in your local town hall. So, going over the 5,000-foot view quickly of what I am referring to, the city I live in has gone through some stuff the past 5 years.

The council removed two of its members over sex harassment intimidation claims, citizens initiated a recall to assure the removal stuck, the city settled a lawsuit over those claims, and now faces a new lawsuit of wage discrimination. On top of that bowl of dog poo, the former city manager who was there for most of the above did not have his contract renewed and was not happy about it.

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So of course, he sued.

The current city council is in no mood for this so they have now filed a countersuit against the former city manager. According to the Macomb Daily.

The city of Fraser makes a slew of mismanagement and malfeasance allegations against its former city manager in a counter-claim to his Whistleblower lawsuit against the city. The city filed the counter-lawsuit Nov. 30 in Macomb County Circuit Court against Donald Wayne O’Neal, who sued Fraser last September under the state Whistleblower Protection Act.

O’Neal alleged he was fired in August for his testimony in a deposition in a gender-bias, unequal-pay lawsuit filed by three female department heads.

“O’Neil committed one or more material acts of misfeasance or malfeasance which substantially adversely affected the city’s operations while employed by the city,” the city says in the 11-page lawsuit. “O’Neal committed one or more material violations of city rules, regulations, policies or procedures while employed by the city.”

So in essence, the council is blowing the whistle and is claiming to have receipts.

You can read the countersuit by clicking RIGHT HERE and let me know what you think at the info below.

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