Let’s Break Down The Progressives’ Vast ‘Shadow Campaign’ to Oust President Trump

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I recently did a live stream on YouTube to discuss the TIME Magazine report of a widespread conspiracy to swing the presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor. By now, you have probably already read, or at least heard of, the TIME Magazine article revealing the existence of massive collusion between progressives in various institutions to ensure that Joe Biden won the presidency. (See: Is It All Unraveling After the TIME Magazine Secret Cabal Piece?)


In this video, I break down the TIME article and discuss how the author was trying to frame this politically-motivated collusion as some noble quest to “fortify” Democracy. I also highlight the many ways these individuals and entities worked to shape public opinion, alter laws, and minimize information that could hurt Biden.

Finally, I talk about what this revelation could mean for future elections and how the Republican Party and conservative movement must be ready to fight a different type of battle going forward.



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