Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Seems to Be Okay With Posting Hacked Messages

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As we reported last night, the Lincoln Project took their vendetta against former member and co-founder Jennifer Horn to new heights by posting numerous screenshots taken from her Twitter direct messages. The screenshots were between Horn and journalist Amanda Becker, taken from Horn’s end of the messages, and Horn tweeted that she did not give the Lincoln Project permission to access her account or post the tweets. Given that the standard liberal response to unfortunate tweets is to claim they were hacked, many expected the group to claim they were hacked or some other “we didn’t do it!” excuse.

Welp, a tweet from co-founder Rick Wilson pretty much does away with that excuse. Not long after the Lincoln Project posted the original tweet containing hacked materials, Wilson quote-tweeted it with the words, “Abe knows things.”

What did Abe hear? Did Abe hear that another piece highlighting the hypocrisy, self-dealing, and sweeping-under-the-rug of sexual harassment by the co-founders of the Lincoln Project was going to be published?

It turns out that it wasn’t – yet – any piece authored by Amanda Becker the Lincoln Project needed to worry about. As our Nick Arama covered, independent journalist Yashar Ali broke a bigger story Friday morning: according to Ali’s sources, the FBI is investigating John Weaver. That probably won’t matter to their deluded followers, who continue to praise the Lincoln Project for their “transparency.”

It’s been a bad Friday for the Lincoln Project, and it’s not even lunchtime yet. It’ll be interesting to see what else is revealed today.

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