Lisa Page Will Appear on ‘Maddow’ Tonight To Discuss ‘What it’s Like When the President of the United States Tries to Ruin Your Life’

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Lisa Page notified her twitter followers this morning that she’ll be “Going on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. It’s time to talk about the release of my text messages, the two years of lies shouted across the media about me, and what it’s like when the President of the United States tries to ruin your life.”

It’s remarkable that a woman who rose to such a lofty level inside the FBI has such a total lack of self-awareness. Feeling vindicated by the release of the IG report last week, she’s even filed a lawsuit against the DOJ and the FBI. The IG report was anything but an exoneration. Followed by a rare rebuke from the FISA Court today over the FBI’s mishandling of the applications for the Carter Page warrant, in which she played a major role, it’s premature for her to be claiming victim status.

Page claims that, by “unlawfully” releasing text messages between she and fired FBI official Peter Strzok, her paramour at the time, the DOJ and the FBI violated the Privacy Act. The document can be viewed here.

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She wants to “hold the DOJ and the FBI accountable for their unlawful disclosure of information about her to the media.” She claims the release of the text messages has “fueled unwanted media attention that has radically altered her day-to-day life.”

She’s leaving out the one person who is truly responsible for all of her present woes. That would be Lisa Page.

It’s not a surprise that many twitter users found Page’s claim of victimhood to be a bit much. Here are a few of the most amusing responses.

Via @NatSecLisa and Twitchy:

That should be a hard hitting interview…

Two world class liars lying to each other. No thanks.

You reap what you sow Lisa …

Way to build credibility.

Shut up. You tried to ruin our President’s life.. you ruined Carter Page’s life & countless others you & your lover framed for fake Russia collusion. I’m so sick of these stuck up deep state tools acting like victims when THEY are the real evil villains in the story.

If Lisa Page, an FBI agent, did not think using a “company cell phone” could be a problem, it’s very concerning. These people are the upper echelon of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Going straight to The Ministry Of Truth. That’ll show them.

I would guess that it is very much like what you did to try and ruin Trump’s life.

You screwed up your life all by yourself with YOUR own personal choices. Take accountability, victim mentality doesn’t look good

Your choice of Maddow says all we need to know

Going on the conspiracy network, great way to clear your name.

This is beyond stupid…Is she serious?…Or is she working on POTUS Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign?

To be fair, she did try and ruin the President’s life first, so…

Who was the target you referred to in your texts?

People have lied about my liberal bias in text messages, so I’m going on Maddow on MSNBC to set the record straight.

Also known as: My text messages can be used as evidence against me during a criminal investigation, so please help me stop this from happening!

I hope she mentions her love of Walmart shoppers

There is still a moral and silent majority that doesnt appreciate you having an affair on our time and using our devices to express hate and disdain for the people you are hired to SERVE.

Gofundme drops in 5… 4… 3… 2..

It’s all just about the money at this point. She’ll write a book, make all the TV rounds, get hired on as a CNN consultant. Playing the victim for dollars.



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