Matthew McConaughey Tears the Far Left a New One in Revealing Interview

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How can you not like Matthew McConaughey? And while I’m sure if I did a deep dive into his political beliefs, he wouldn’t be a died in the wool conservative, it’s always nice to see someone from Hollywood express the obvious in a down to earth, inclusive way. Alienating half the country is not really good for business, nor is it the right thing to do anyway. He seems to get that, and that’s refreshing.

McConaughey expressed his views on the far-left in a recent interview, calling them “patronizing” and “arrogant.”

When discussing the “far left” during the interview, the “True Detective” star was very blunt with his feelings.

“There are a lot on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize and are arrogant towards the other 50%,” McConaughey explained. He added that people in Hollywood “were in denial” about President Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

Having just exposed my wife to the classic movie ‘Dazed and Confused’ for the first time, I feel I’m more than allowed to use this meme.

As an aside, my wife had us listening to McConaughey’s new book “Greenlights” on the way home from a Thanksgiving trip and it’s worth picking up. No affiliation obviously. Just a recommendation. It’s engaging, hilarious at times, really entertaining, and also informative insofar as how a nobody from a small Texas town can make it big, and make it big relatively quickly. The guy has lived a crazy life, largely under-privileged life (until he hit it big), and it’s nice to see someone who didn’t make his way simply because he had parents in the scene or because he went to some arts school.

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Regardless, McConaughey is right. The far left’s hostility toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them does them no favors at all, to the extent that they even care. They are indeed arrogant and condescending. One look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter account will provide evidence of that in spades. There’s a recent exchange between her and Marco Rubio that’s worth going over in which she insinuates all Republicans are old people. These are people who truly believe they know best despite never actually stepping foot outside their deep blue bubbles. They live for generalizations and tearing others down because it’s all they know. McConaughey is a guy who’s always been more comfortable in Texas with a baseball cap on than Hollywood in a suit so he’s able to see that a lot more clearly than many of his colleagues.

He also seems to be onto the idea that that won’t work long term for the Democrat party. The far left can keep trying to burn the system down, but they will end up burned in the end. Perhaps that’s enough incentive to tell them to keep the course instead of becoming better, more understanding people. Or perhaps I’m placing too much faith in the American people to make the right choices down the road? But giving up seems less the right thing to do than pressing forward with whatever is placed in front of us.

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