McConnell Counters Pelosi With His Own Virus Bill, With Voter Fraud, Section 230 Provisions

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Does Cocaine Mitch have some game after all?

President Donald Trump had been pushing the Senate Republicans to up the number of checks for Americans from $600 to $2000, indicating that they were shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t agree to it.

Word now is breaking that the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has introduced a competing virus relief bill that not only would have the positive aspect of the Democratic bill, i.e., the greater $2000 payment for Americans but also that it would repeal Section 230 and set up a commission to study voter fraud.

From Politico:

McConnell did introduce a bill that would increase the payments, repeal legal protections for social media companies and establish an election fraud commission — a proposal that if voted on has no chance of becoming law but is being pushed by Trump. McConnell also could still bring up the House-passed $2,000 check proposal.

If he can pass this in the Senate, he’s now shifted the burden to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to actually reject something that no one should be against at this point.

Now, some are saying that Democrats wouldn’t pass it and McConnell knows that. That might be true. But then it’s on Democrats to come across the table to get it done. Democrats have caused delay after delay after delay with Wuhan virus relief funds. They have no standing to say anything now about anyone.

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If they’re against getting rid of Section 230 or looking into voter fraud, then that’s exactly why they should all be voted out. This is just holding their feet to the fire.

But it’s important to keep in mind Americans who are being held in limbo because of lockdowns. They don’t have time to wait anymore, Democrats have stalled long enough. You have to fish or cut bait. Enough of the back and forth. Make it happen now.

They need to both pass the money and open up everywhere. Because the only way you’re ultimately going to solve all this is stopping the economy killing lockdowns that don’t actually do anything to stop the virus.



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