Michael Bloomberg Once Called Transgender People ‘Man in a Dress’

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Oops: Michael Bloomberg Once Called Transgender People 'Man in a Dress'

I’m Angry.

As we ramp up to moving towards Super Tuesday where former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has staked his Presidential hopes, you are going to see more of these types of OOOOPS stories. Most of them probably won’t be as funny as this one.

Good ole Mike got himself into some trouble last week when a video from 2016 popped up where he was commenting about how the rubes in the midwest could not understand the trans thing. So, the theory goes according to Mike, that if you could find a salesperson that could do it than by golly that person could cure all the ills of the world.

From the Pluralist

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is drawing fierce criticism after a 3-year-old video surfaced in which he refers to transgender people as a “man in a dress” while addressing a crowd of “intelligentsia” at Oxford University in Britain.

“If you want to know if somebody is a good salesman, give them the job of going to the Midwest and picking a town and selling to that town the concept that some man wearing a dress should be in a locker room with their daughter,” Bloomberg said during a panel discussion at the Dec. 8, 2016 event. “If you can sell that, you can sell anything.”

Well, you have to give it to him, he is right on that. I would love to see the sales pitch of telling fathers of 16 yr old girls that 16 or 17 yr old boys that “think” they are girls should be in the same locker room and dressing or showering with them. That might be the most-watched YouTube video EVER.

As you can imagine the Trans Community was not pleased with Mini Mike on this…

Nice job Mike.

He ends it with this flourish which once again shows why all leftists are incredibly scary and quite like the fascists they always scream others are…

“We, the intelligentsia, the people who could make it into this room, we believe a lot of things in terms of equality and protecting individual rights that make no sense to the vast bulk of people,” he said. “They’re not opposed to you having some rights, but there’s a fundamental disconnect between us, who believe the rights of the individual come first, and the general belief around the world, I think it’s fair to say, that the rights of society comes first.”

Yes, the intelligentsia is the ones that know better than all of us. They are only here to help and want to make sure we are cared for, fed and don’t drink really big Big Gulps for our own safety. Why can’t us rubes out here in the heartland just see and accept this?

Also, the rights of the individual are meaningless next to the rights of society.

In my most authentic American midwestern voice…SCREW YOU.

Why in the world should rational people be asked to suspend common sense to make sure that some people’s feelings aren’t hurt? I do not care if anyone is gay, trans or anything else that is coming down the pike in the next 10 minutes that I am supposed to mandatorily care about. Yet demanding that BIOLOGICAL boys hang with BIOLOGICAL girls in a locker room or anywhere else that is used as a separation for the sexes is nonsense. If you are born a boy and wanted to be a girl them are the breaks kid. You can act however you want at home but you don’t get to demand everyone else shrug this reality off in the real world.

Bloomberg and his elitists are always going to think they can cram these wacky ideas down our throats and we will just go along. Sometimes that might work but not all the time.

This is one of those times this is not flying.

In the meantime enjoy the political bloodbath that is coming for all the Democrats running for POTUS as the fringe lefties in the country are coming for all of them and it will be marvelous to watch.

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