Mix-up Caused National Guard Food Contract in D.C. to Come Up Short, Guard Had to Order From Local Restaurants

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I’m not sure what’s going on in Washington, D.C. but someone sure seems to have it in for the National Guard that are stationed at the Capitol since shortly after Jan. 6. Or maybe this is just more of how it works when Democrats are in charge.

We reported how the FBI and the DoD were doing extra vetting of the Guard which some governors like Greg Abbott of Texas found offensive to check for “extremist ties.”

Then the Guard was booted unceremoniously out of the Capitol where they had been staying during their rest periods into a cold garage with one bathroom where 5000 Guardsmen were all packed in together, not exactly the best treatment, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. 200 members have reportedly have tested positive for the virus since being on duty in the city.

Now comes word from the Military Times that someone somehow shorted the Guard’s food contract.

The contract they had with a supplier didn’t provide enough meals according to National Guard spokesperson Army Major Aaron Thacker. That “mix-up and shortage of meals” forced people to have to secure “a large quantity of various food choices off of the local economy,” he said. In other words, they had to order in from places like Chick-fil-A.

Here’s what it looked like before the problem.

But what may have caused the issue was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request for over 25,000 troops and having to feed that vast number. The Washington Examiner says it may have been because of a switch from the caterer provisioning by the D.C. National Guard was then switched to being handled by the Pentagon National Guard. Suddenly the quality and the quantity apparently went south around Jan. 18. They had been providing 17,000 meals three times a day, and then it suddenly increased to a total of 75,000. As Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner phrased it, things fell off a cliff. Carney says they were getting an apple and a gross muffin. Sardis was providing good meals but when Guard went to another contractor to help supplement the demand, that failed big time.

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Once a lot of the units started pulling out after the inauguration and after the garage incident, the numbers dropped back down again. They went back to the D.C. Guard having purview over the food and Sardis was able to meet the demand again.

Where’s Jill Biden with her photo-op and the little basket of cookies someone else made? Something tells me she better be ready with a lot of cookies to smooth over all the stuff she will need to for her husband.



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