MSNBC Writer Suggests Ladies Change Twitter Handles to ‘Reflect Their Credentials’, It Backfires Big Time

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Hard to believe it (or maybe not), but we are now four days into the backlash over the “offensive” piece that was published Saturday in the Wall Street Journal where writer/lecturer Joseph Epstein suggested Jill Biden drop the “Dr” from her name because she was not actually a medical doctor.

The media, Democrats, leftists in academia, Mrs. Biden’s comms team, and Mrs. Biden herself all condemned Epstein’s column, accusing him of being a misogynist pig for daring to make such a suggestion, even though in the very same piece Epstein was an equal opportunity critic when it came to both women and men (including male celebrities) who he believed should not hold the title of “doctor.”

He also gave his reasons for why he felt “the prestige of honorary doctorates has declined” over the last few decades, which was also conveniently ignored in the mad rush to cancel him.

In any event, on day four of the Great December Outrage of 2020, MSNBC columnist and noted “feminist” Liz Plank took to the Twitter machine to express her solitary with Mrs. Biden, and to urge women everywhere to stand up to the patriarchy by boldly changing their Twitter handles to “reflect their credentials”:

Ms. Plank’s plea went over about as well as the Obama administration’s attempts at hashtag diplomacy during his eight years in office. In other words, it didn’t go well:


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