Nancy ‘Marie Antoinette’ Pelosi Is Shown No Mercy as Mockery of the COVID Relief Bill Begins Apace

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My Red State colleagues provided detailed takedowns yesterday of the porklus bill otherwise known as the “COVID relief bill.” In short, there is a crapton of money being given to foreign governments, special interest groups, and big corporations. Only about 1/5th of the $900 billion bill was for average Americans who have been forced out of work and/or out of business through no fault of their own thanks to government-mandated lockdowns.

It didn’t take long after rumors circulated and then were confirmed about the agreement and eventual passage of the bill that the mockery of those most responsible for it began.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), who on Monday nuked Democrats like Rep. AOC who feigned outrage over not having time to read the bill before they voted on it, was one among the many to start calculating just what people out of work could afford with the $600 checks that will be sent to them:

What shouldn’t get lost in all the discussion and mockery of the bill are two things:

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1) Pelosi’s stunning admission earlier this month that she deliberately stalled a COVID relief package deal with Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for months in hopes Joe Biden would win the presidential election.

2) That the need for periodic billion/trillion-dollar stimulus bills would be a lot less urgent if Democrats would drop their obsession with lockdowns and start adopting common-sense measures states like Florida, Texas, and South Dakota have put in place that carefully balance public safety with Constitutional liberty.

Blaze TV host Chad Prather had perhaps the best idea of them all, however:

A lot of us are with ya, buddy. We are so with ya.

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