Never Trumpers Play the Moral Authority Card on Anti-Lockdown Conservatives, Get the Responses They Deserve

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As my RedState colleague Brad Slager reported earlier, Never Trumpers are now more politically homeless than they ever were. One reason is because, believe it or not, there actually is only so much grifting you can do in Washington, D.C. before the well runs dry and people move on.

Not only did they spend tens of millions in mostly losing efforts in House and Senate races across the country last month, but – barring some sort of miracle when Congress convenes on Jan. 6th to certify the presidential election – they stand to lose their number one money generator: President Trump.

So with all of that in mind, it’s kinda sorta understandable to see that they are continuing to display their perpetually sour faces and discontent in unhealthy ways on the Twitter machine. Case in point: Bulwark editor-in-chief Charlie Sykes, who decided he thought that it’d be a good idea today to revisit a May 2020 tweet from conservative writer Bethany Mandel and do a little COVID shaming because why not?

His equally sour-faced Never Trump ally Jennifer Rubin trotted out her tattered moral authority card as well:

As did fellow Never Trumper Tom Nichols, who as I understand it is supposedly an expert on a number of things – or so you’d believe if you’d simply shut up and listen to him tell you so:

Mandel blasted back, noting that she was actually right about a lot of things she talked about in the thread Skyes and others were using to try to shame her in:

And she wasn’t the only one:

I guess Jen, Charlie, and the rest of the Never Trump grifters didn’t get the whole “unity and healing” memo.

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