New York Film Festival 2019: 16 Most Anticipated Films

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Pain and Glory

Pedro Almodóvar’s latest follows a filmmaker (a brilliant Antonio Banderas, who won the Best Actor award for the part at this year’s Cannes Film Festival) who resembles, you guessed it, Almodóvar himself. In the film, Banderas’s character grapples with addiction, bad romantic choices, and a career gone somewhat off the rails. It’s a sharp, brave, and winning movie that displays the hallmarks of Almodóvar’s best-loved films—bright colors, offbeat humor, a knack for family stories—but feels like a step beyond what we’ve seen from him before. (Indeed, Banderas interacting with Julieta Serrano, who plays his mother, makes for some of the director’s best-ever family scenes.) This movie is sure to please longtime fans as well as convert any newcomers lucky enough to stumble upon it.



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