News Organization Releases the ‘Best 7 Seconds MSNBC Ever Produced,’ & it’s a Striking Upgrade

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When it comes to jumping the shark, the mainstream media put on their skis a long time ago. They gassed the boat and readied for the ramp. And MSNBC is, to say the least, no exception.

The Daily Caller recently ran an article advertising the “best 7 seconds” the MSN+Peacock network “ever produced,” and you might just agree with them.

The organization has been plagued by goofiness for some time, from AR-15 hysteria to collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion.

Over the last year, it’s also offered these gems:

The video of MSNBC’s triumph (above), compliments of TDC, begins with Stephanie Ruhle:

“That wraps us up this hour. I’m Stephanie Ruhle. I will see you again at 1:00p.m. And you can find me anytime on Twitter and Instragram. Coming up right now, more news…”

And then it happens: something different than they usually offer.

I think you’ll find it not just palatable, but delicious.

Bon appétit.

And don’t forget to check out all those links. They’re astounding.

For more of the worst, enjoy the stunning montage below.



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