North-east STEM festival to host engaging digital presentations

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A popular north-east STEM festival is to host two presentations examining once-common diseases and how sleep can boost your overall health.

TechFest’s ambitious programme includes more than 30 events taking place over a three-week period and includes the traditional public programme, plus a separate one for schools.

A presentation will take place on Wednesday, November 11, which focuses on scurvy, a disease that previously affected 9 out of 10 sailors and seamen.

Andrew Holding from the University of York will bring to light research that lime juice, which was thought to be a miracle cure, only helps to prevent it.

‘Why Limes Don’t Cure Scurvy and Everything Else Does’ is suitable for over 16s and will start online at 7pm.

Meanwhile, sleep has been identified to have a positive impact on both physical and psychological wellbeing, but many individuals struggle to form a healthy sleeping pattern.

In “Sleep Better, Be Smarter and Live Longer”, Dr Olga Runcie will return to this year’s festival on Thursday, November 12 at 7pm.

Dr Runcie’s workshop, which is suitable for all ages, will show you how to improve sleep quality, in return helping your body achieve optimum health and prevent chronic diseases.

Booking is open now for both presentations, which form part of the TechFest Goes Digital public programme.

Sarah Chew, managing director of TechFest, said: “Learning how our body reacts to various diseases and infections is highly important to help maintain optimum health, which is only boosted by a healthy sleeping pattern.

“These workshops offer the public insight into how our bodies react, and how science can help identify why things work or don’t work.

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“The presentation by Andrew Holding is a fantastic example of how, what was once a common disease, has died out due to scientific research identifying cures and prevention methods.

“We’re also thrilled that Dr Olga Runcie has returned for another workshop emphasising the importance of sleep. Often an underestimated tool to help us feel our best, this is a great addition to the programme to help the public understand the importance of a good routine.”

Admission to all events is free. For more information and to book, visit the TechFest website at



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