Noted Grifter Tries to Hurt GOP Turnout in Georgia Runoffs for Fun and Maybe Profit

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Yesterday’s shake-up in President Trump’s legal team was not a good thing (see Huge: Trump Campaign Disowns Sidney Powell in Wild Statement), We don’t know how this is going to play out if and when the Supreme Court starts reviewing the cases bubbling up, and as state certification of election results proceed, we don’t know how much of an appetite a Supreme Court majority will have for enmeshing itself too deeply in the electoral process. I don’t know that the Supreme Court even has the authority to order a do-over. Still, I suppose (and IANAL, so this could be wrong) they could declare the election “failed” using the 1887 Electoral Count Act and send it to the state legislature for resolution.

None of this has anything to do with the facts and circumstances in this election, which were literally the same the US State Department and international organizations used to flag elections in other parts of the world as fraudulent. It is simply to note that getting courts or legislatures to step in and toss out the results of an election is not easy, and we should be glad that it isn’t. None of this means we ever have to acknowledge that this election was free and fair because about half of the nation and over 70% of Republicans do not believe that to be the case. All of this is to say that while we don’t know what will happen, that cardinal virtue, prudence, dictates that no matter what we wish to happen, we must logically prepare for the possibility of a Biden presidency and what that could mean.

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This brings me to Georgia.

Right now, the partisan make-up of the US Senate is 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. On January 5, Georgians will go back to the polls to vote for two senators. Incumbent David Perdue came up just short of a majority in his race against Socialist/Democrat Jon Ossoff. Kelly Loeffler will be running in a special election against police- and military-hating Fidel-Castro-fanboi Raphael Warnock to fill out the term of Johnny Isakson. If we win one of those seats, Mitch McConnell will still be Majority Leader. Still, he will give up a lot of authority to the VichyCon Caucus, including luminaries like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. If we win both, McConnell’s control is a lot stronger. If we lose both, then we have a 50-50 tie, and Chuck Schumer becomes Majority Leader.


This this happened.

Ali Akbar, or Ali Alexander, or whatever he calls himself this week, is a grifter who attached himself to the fringe of conservative politics since around the time of the Tea Party movement. Let me revise that; if Ali isn’t a grifter, he could be mistaken for one at close range, so let me apologize in advance if I’ve been hasty in my judgment, but I will point I’m not alone in my opinion, Google “ali akbar grifter” and enjoy yourself.

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Somehow Ali has gotten involved in the #StopTheSteal movement, a movement I personally support and which we have supported on this site (see #StoptheSteal De-Platformed: National Coordinator Nathan Martin Speaks Up). And for reasons that make no sense to me, he has decided that encouraging people to stay home and give Chuck Schumer control of the Senate makes sense.

Moreover, what he’s asking for is something that is nothing more than silliness. Once Governor Kemp certifies election results, a slate of electors will be chosen to cast Georgia’s electoral votes. Ali is hanging his hat on the 1887 Electoral Count Act, which lets state legislatures step in in the case of “failed elections.” No one quite knows what a “failed election” looks like, but one that has been through two recounts and certified by a Republican Secretary of State and a Republican Governor is not the best test case.

Were it harmless silliness, that would be one thing. It isn’t. No matter what happens with the presidential election, the last thing we need is for the run-off to be a battleground for the presidential election. We don’t need to rope either candidate into taking a position on this as we’d like both of them to be able to siphon off Democrat votes. In particular, Kelly Loeffler has a great chance of doing that as she is sane and Warnock is not. We don’t want a vote for Loeffler to be a de facto vote for Trump. That decision will have been made by January 5, and nothing that Loeffler will say in a press release will make Kemp call a special session or help Loeffler out in January.

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One can’t escape the sinking feeling that what is driving this is not recount strategy or politics but money. When the decision on who gets Georgia’s electors is made, the grift comes to an end.

Bottom line, if you care about conservatism, if you care about President Trump’s agenda, if you care about the future of the GOP and of the nation, and you live in Georgia, you need to get your ass to the polls on January 5 and vote for Perdue and Loeffler. Not because you like them. Not because you think they are conservative warriors. But because it is important. A fringe left government under the control of Biden/Harris-Schumer-Pelosi is something we do not need.  If you believe the election was stolen, the last thing you should want is to make the stealing of elections a lucrative pursuit. A Mitch McConnell can stop much activity by Biden until we can take the House in 2022 and retake the White House in 2024. But we need two wins in Georgia.




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