NYT Tech Journo Accidentally Reveals Censorship Rationale for Conservative Sites, Tom Cotton Busts Him

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There’s been a ton of talk in political and media circles over the last several years about the role social media companies play in the spread of information and misinformation on the Internet. Because this year was a presidential election year, that talk ramped up tenfold – so much so that even Senate hearings were held after Twitter and Facebook took it upon themselves to throttle the NY Post’s Hunter Biden stories. A Senate hearing was held on the matter where, of course, nothing got resolved.

And in the aftermath of last week’s elections, “news” outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and other left-leaning media organizations have made it a point to closely monitor the links they see posted on platforms like Facebook and Twitter from conservative websites (they don’t give a rip what the liberal ones say, for reasons that should be obvious to everyone). They have done this under the guise of trying to prevent the “spread of disinformation”, but one NYT tech reporter accidentally gave up the game in tweets posted to his account last night on what he had observed from four conservative websites.

Here’s what the Times tech writer Kevin Roose “reported”:

The problem with his little investigation is that the reports posted at those sites are not “misinformation” and they’re not untrue, as even he noted in a later tweet:

Roose’s claims (which were retweeted by CNN’s Brian Stelter, natch) were absolutely shredded by Sen. Tom Cotton, the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, and others who -in turn – have been closely monitoring how Big Tech and Big Media like to team up together to suppress conservative content they don’t like:

RedState’s own Brad Slager had an excellent suggestion:

And here’s a hilarious sidenote to Roose’s rant: Two of the stories actually originated from the New York Times:

Can’t make this stuff up.

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In any event, Glenn Greenwald leaves us with some food for thought on just how pervasive Roose’s mindset is throughout the tech/media industries and how such mindsets must be fought by alternative news and information sources every single step of the way:

Never bend the knee to these people. Ever.



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