NYT Tech Reporter Doubles Down on New Ways to Censor Conservative Content, Is Shown No Mercy

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“News” outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and MSNBC have made a point in the last week of more closely monitoring the links posted on social media platforms from conservative websites under the guise of trying to prevent the post-election “spread of disinformation.” But influential NYT tech reporter Kevin Roose accidentally gave up the game in Monday in tweets detailing the content he had allegedly observed from three popular conservative websites (four stories total).

To recap that story before we get to the update on it: The problem with Roose’s investigation is that the reports he referenced – which came from Breitbart, Bongino.com, and the Daily Wire – were not the “misinformation” he originally claimed them to be and they weren’t untrue, as even he noted in a later tweet. In fact, two of the stories Roose mentioned were actually based off of reports from his own paper.

It was clear, however, from the thread that Roose was fishing for new ways for social media platforms to censor conservative content.

Roose confirmed that in a follow-up thread he posted Tuesday in response to the outrage his original tweets generated. It is in this series of tweets that his true motives were revealed in all their steaming hot pile of glory.

He posted seven tweets total, the translations of which I will note below each one:

Translation: Factual information that doesn’t feed into Kevin’s anti-Trump narratives should fall under the category of “misinformation” and be labeled as such by Twitter and Facebook, according to Kevin’s 10 Commandments of Reporting rulebook (available now for free in Wheaties boxes across America*).

Translation: “In some cases, they’re just repeating what a politician said,” Kevin whined. In other words, in some instances, they filed the type of newsy “here’s what so and so politician said” reports frequently found on the pages of “respectable” papers like Kevin’s, the WaPo, and others. Next?

Translation: “These conservative websites have figured out what my colleagues in the media do (examples: “BOMBSHELL!” and “WALLS ARE CLOSING IN!”), but are doing it in a way that presents a more complete picture than the typically distorted picture we present to our readers and viewers.”

Translation: Kevin doesn’t like that conservative websites have fine-tuned a classic mainstream media tactic of reporting a story they believe to be true by framing it in question form. For example, many media outlets believe President Trump is mentally unfit to serve, but they sometimes take the “questions-that-lead-to-discussions” approach by starting out with a headline or teaser that goes something like “Does the president have mental problems?” or “Did the president commit an impeachable offense? Our experts weigh in next.”

Translation: “GASP! They’re even better at some aspects of reporting than we are!”

Translation: “Conservative websites are pretty much doing what we’re doing, except we’re coddling Biden, and feeding a hyperpartisan ecosystem on the left in telling millions of people the election is over because it’s good for engagement.”

We already have “better words” for this, Kevin. They’re spelled CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc. Happy to help.

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The shorter version of all I just wrote above can be found in this one tweet:


*No such book exists, in case any media hall monitors are reading this.

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