Ohio State vs. Michigan Announcer Tells Story of Player Almost Being Aborted, Leftists Lose Their Ever Loving Minds

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Rivalry week in college football is still underway, with cross state foes taking on each other across the country. Earlier today, one of the marquee match-ups involved Ohio State playing Michigan. While the game wasn’t very competitive, something one of the TV announcers said has leftists up in arms.

Gus Johnson apparently had the audacity to share that star running back J.K. Dobbins was almost aborted by his mother but that she chose life. Obviously, this has allowed Dobbins to not only live, which is pretty important alone, but also grow into the successful young man he is today.

Here’s the clip.

For reasons that completely escape normal people, this was really, really triggering to some leftists who just couldn’t handle hearing the reality of abortion laid bare on national TV.

An apology? For talking about how he wasn’t killed in the womb? That’s a pretty weird thing to be demanding. Think about how backwards this is. That woman thinks it’s “disgusting” to talk about not aborting someone.

Maybe it should be stigmatizing if it costs someone their life? Just spit-balling here. The fact that so many people were made uncomfortable by this story isn’t an indictment on Johnson as much as it is an indictment on those who hold contradictory, illogical viewpoints on abortion.

Nah, you don’t get to just hand-wave away the brutal truth about abortion and pretend it can’t be talked if it makes pro-abortion advocates look bad. The fact is, J.K. Dobbins would be dead right now had his mother not chosen life. She did, so he’s been able to live a healthy life. Everything past that is gravy, including becoming an all-star running back for one of the top universities in the country.

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What you are seeing with these replies is an ideological movement that can’t look itself in the mirror. They want to bury the realities of abortion and not have to face it’s barbaric nature while pretending “choice” is just some consequence free abstract. When Johnson dared to put the contrast out there on national TV, it triggered the left don’t want people to think critically about what’s really happening when a child is terminated in the womb.

The moral depravity on display is just mind-numbing.


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