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We have met the enemy and he is us, is a great quip from the comic strip, Pogo. It appears that this quote is becoming far more accurate every election that passes. Over at American Spectator, Eric Utter has an interesting piece out regarding the antipathy Americans now feel towards each other. He writes:

A new CBS News poll reveals that a majority of Americans believe the biggest threat to the American way of life is other Americans. More than two-thirds of poll respondents said they believe democracy in the U.S. is “threatened,” and 54% said “other people in America” are the “biggest threat to the American way of life,” more so than economic factors, viruses, natural disasters, or foreign actors.

Got that? Other Americans are bigger threats than economics, disease, earthquakes, or Russia.

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Mr. Utter is correct. We have undergone a sea change in these United States. At one time, the public face of American politics was, for the most part, about two parties with more or less the same objectives, but with varied ideas on how to achieve them. That’s not to say that below the surface, the left hasn’t always really been about a long march through American institutions — the purpose of that long march being, a complete transformation of the American ideal.

We have come to a different place. Arguably, and for the most part, the left kept its long term agenda camouflaged with innovative language, such as gay, or transgender instead of sexually disordered. They use investment, instead of crony capitalism fueled by tax dollars.

We could dispute the exact time when all this became such an in-your-face attitude. For the purposes of this piece, let’s go with the Obama Administration as the point at which the facade started to crumble and the 2016 Presidential Election where the left finally dropped all pretense at being a loyal opposition. You know, back when President Barack Obama famously quipped, in about as arrogant a tone possible, that We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Wow!

That arrogance was only surpassed by that of the Hillary Clinton election team, those folks who could not be bothered to campaign in several keys states. The criminal crone from Chappaqua brought an aura of entitlement to levels unheard of, with her demonstrated belief that the Oval Office was hers for the taking. The rumors of her uncontrollable rage on election night pale, however, when compared to the downright rabid, frothing at the mouth words and actions of the Democrats since then.

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Since 2016, our President — our Paladin — has been talked about in a manner that most folks wouldn’t speak about a GITMO prisoner. All that started with agencies of the U.S. Government spying on Candidate Trump which resulted in a phony story about Russian “collusion,” followed by a sham impeachment trial. Having no success at removing this upstart President with no previous political experience, the left decided to support widespread rioting, looting, arson, and flat-out assassination of Americans in the street. All of this over the statistically non-existent issue that falsely claimed police kill Black Americans more than they do whites.

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As time went on and the mayhem continued, it became readily apparent that the racism issue was merely an excuse for the left to come out and attack their real targets…the Americans who are the fabric of our society: Police, Firefighters, Shop Owners, even Home Owners…the taxpayers that fund all the means-tested programs many of the looters take full advantage of. In other words, Democrat constituents. Interestingly, for a so-called racial justice movement, there were one helluva lot of Black and other minorities, killed, injured, and/or their property damaged or completely destroyed.

Little side note here; former First Lady Michelle Obama mewled about Food Deserts in the cities along with the systemic racism of high prices that (cop colloquialism here) Stop and Robs charge for foodstuffs. Why do you think that is, Mrs. Obama? Didn’t the vast experience you and your husband had in the private sector enable you to understand that businesses price risk into their offerings? Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Back to current events…Then there was the 2020 Presidential Election, followed shortly thereafter by the Georgia Senate runoff. The ultimate insult, in that case, was that the ostensibly Republican Governor and Secretary of State of Georgia flat out enabled both fiascos. And any question raised about either was summarily dismissed.

So now we have an illegitimate President of these United States (IPOTUS) who is signing Executive Orders left and right. From what I can see, the vast majority of them either favor other nations over these United States or are feel good missives that bring other sorts of harm. One example is the IPOTUS Executive Order requiring the Armed Services to accept and retain disordered folks who believe their sex is different than their issued equipment indicates. I’m sure that will give Putin and Xi pause as they contemplate their next moves against U.S. interests.

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The majority of Americans didn’t vote for any of this. This is the work of a small, but extremely vocal part of the Democrat Party, albeit one that is growing in size. Heretofore, they were held in check by the party leadership, mostly so the leadership could keep their subterfuge going. As I noted earlier, during the Obama administration, the mask started to slip. But still and all, when Democrats did hold all the levers of government, they were not loath to use them to advance important agenda items such as ObamaCare. However, even then, there was some perfunctory nod towards communicating with and trying to convince the public.

Now, the facade is completely gone. The Democrat Party leadership has openly said they are coming after real Americans. They impeached President Trump a second time, with the help of 10, count them 10, Republican congressmen. They have now begun a senate trial of the former president. They don’t care whether or not he is a private citizen, thus beyond their reach in this matter. They are gonna do it anyhow, if for nothing more than to prove a point.

It doesn’t stop with that. I’m sure most of you have read the reports from my colleagues regarding the GameStop stock shorting debacle. For those who haven’t, the short (pun intended) version is, the large hedge funds were doing what they do because they could. Small, individual investors managed to put the Big Boys into a financial box. So far so good. You play the game, you take your lumps when it goes south. Problem is, it didn’t work out that way. When the Little Guys put The Big Boys in a corner, they hollered for help and Big Tech that runs the online trading platforms stepped in and stopped (at least temporarily) the Little Guys from trading GameStop stocks.

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What does this all add up to? Simple. We have two groups that hate America and Americans. These groups overlap a bit. They are the hardcore Leftists and the self-described, Elites. The Elites are comprised of garden variety Leftists, but also include RINO politicians and pundits. Think Hunger Games.

These two groups have grown so strong, they have made it virtually impossible to compromise with them. Meeting them in the middle has become akin to a situation where a mugger comes up, threatens to kill you, rape your wife, and take all your money. You hope that a compromise might be that he takes your money, kills you, and lets your wife go. Really?

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There really are two Americas, three if you count the Elites and the Leftists as two groups. Make no mistake about it. The Elites and the Leftists do indeed pose a huge danger to America. And make no mistake about it. It’s not just President Trump they hate. They hate us. Mr. Utter has written an excellent article. Please take the time to look it over. The only beef I have is that we really don’t need a poll to realize at this point, We have met the enemy and he is us.



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