Over 100 GOP Representatives Sign On To Support Texas SCOTUS Suit

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With the filing of the SCOTUS suit from Texas, numerous states have filed Amicus briefings in support of the case, suggesting that this is Republicans’ final bid to attempt to rectify the outcome of the 2020 election.  Team Trump has filed numerous challenges, most of which have faced dismissal at this point, however, Texas’s challenge comes from a place of challenging the Constitutionality of executive orders to change the rules for elections in 2020, when those changes would require legislative action.

Now, news comes that 106 House Republicans signed onto an Amicus brief to support the suit to invalidate these orders and any ballots cast under them.  The list includes names like Steve Scalise, who was wounded during the Softball Game Shooting committed by the Bernie supporter, and another GOP favorite, Dan Crenshaw.

At this point, it is not clear as to whether or not the Supreme Court will take up the case or whether or not this will go to oral arguments.  Senator Ted Cruz has apparently offered to deliver those arguments with Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement.  After Justice Alito issued an order shortly after the election to separate ballots that were not in compliance with state law as determined by the legislature, an order which was ignored by both the Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania, I can’t imagine Alito won’t use that issue as a means to convince the court to take up the case.

Thus far, each of the states and Congresspersons who have “joined” the suit have not done so as an additional plaintiff, instead of filing Amicus statements that essentially are a formal way to indicate to the courts that they are in support of the case.  Whether or not they will elevate that filing to joining the case as an additional plaintiff, is also yet to be determined.

Should SCOTUS decide to reject this case outright, I don’t believe there will be much more of a fight that to which Team Trump will be able to hold.  For the last shot though, this is the case that should have been launched weeks ago.

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