Palm Beach Co. Looks to Kick Trump Out of Mar-a-Lago Because Everything is Stupid

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Never underestimate the pettiness of Democrats. Palm Beach County, FL is now looking at whether they should evict Donald Trump from his Mar-a-Lago resort, the location of his new semi-permeant residence after leaving the White House.

Townhall has the report.

The town of Palm Beach, Florida, is reviewing legal documents after former President Donald Trump decided to make Mar-a-Lago – his private club – his permanent residence.

When Trump converted the private residence into a club in 1993, he allegedly came to an agreement with the town about residency restrictions.

That agreement supposedly limits the amount of time Trump (or any member of the club) can stay at the club. These include stipulations such as not staying more than seven consecutive days at a time or three weeks total a year. Of note is that, if true, Trump has been in violation of that agreement for years as president. He routinely stayed there more than seven consecutive days and certainly was there more than three weeks total throughout each year. Why is this just now coming up?

Apparently, this all started because a resident complained through his lawyer, insisting the alleged agreement needs to be enforced. Yet, Trump claims no such restrictions were ever signed in regards to his residency at his property.

“There is no document or agreement in place that prohibits President Trump from using Mar-A-Lago as his residence,” the organization told CNN in a statement.

Given Trump has been staying more than three weeks a year at Mar-a-Lago long before he even became president, I’m skeptical any such agreement was ever put in place that specifically limits him. Rather, I’d guess there are general stipulations put on members and those are trying to be applied here. Whether those were ever meant to apply to the man who actually owns the property is anyone’s guess until we see the documents.

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Regardless, the fact that this was never an issue before he was president is ample evidence there’s some partisan animus going on here. Unlike when Trump was president, his staying at Mar-a-Lago simply requires the presence of his personal detail of secret service agents now. There’s no daily TFRs or shut downs anymore, no huge advance teams, etc. This is just pure pettiness in my opinion, both by the person who reported this, and Palm Beach County trying to push the issue.

I’ll guess we’ll see if they have the goods, though.




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