People Circle Back to a Very Problematic Tweet From Jen Psaki

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Jen Psaki’s already racking up points attracting negative attention to the Biden team.

As we reported last night, Psaki mocked the Space Force when asked if Joe Biden would be keeping the branch. In addition to mocking a branch of the military, she also didn’t seem to understand who would be the contact for the command which seems like it would be an important thing to know.

When Psaki got some backlash as a result, she issued a statement. There was no apology but the statement did seem to indicate that she’d figured out it was an important branch of the military that wasn’t going anywhere.

My colleague Jen Van Laar let her have it.

But now there’s another issue from Psaki which apparently the Biden team didn’t discover when presumably they vetted her for the job.

In August, 2020, she tweeted this:

Psaki tweeted, “[O]nly in 2020 does #LadyG get to push a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories while questioning
@SallyQYates (aka an American hero).”

When I read that initially I thought why is she tweeting about Lady Gaga? But that isn’t who “Lady G” refers to. It’s rumor mongering and a homophobic slap at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) if you check the hashtag and was referencing to his questioning of former Acting AG Sally Yates, who is most definitely not a hero. It’s just a really disgusting tweet.

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Oh my. Psaki previously worked extensively for the Obama/Biden administration both in White House Communications and with the State Department and she doesn’t know not to tweet nasty stuff like that? How’d she get this White House job?

Psaki was working for CNN at the time she made the tweet, so it was probably completely consistent with their ethos to make so vile. Indeed this attack on Graham is a common Democratic slap that is often used as part of the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Graham was supportive of President Donald Trump because Russia had “kompromat” on him. Is Psaki a proponent of such ridiculous conspiracy theories too? She’s certainly giving gas to that stuff when she tweets crap like that.

If she were a Republican, media would be all over this calling it out and the person would be forced out by tomorrow. But because she has a magical “D” on her she may not actually get any reaction from the media at all. But folks on the right and the left did call her out on it on Twitter.

She probably didn’t figure that people would “circle back” to her Twitter and see stuff like this but the Biden folks really dropped the ball on this one. They should have given the job to a competent person like Symone Sanders who actually put her body on the line to protect Biden and then basically didn’t get a big position out of it, instead getting the position as “chief spokesperson” for Kamala Harris.

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