People’s choice winner at Kimbolton Sculpture Festival finds a home

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A Manawatū village is now home to a dandelion sculpture made from repurposed materials. 

Sophie Coleman’s creation, titled ‘Big Wish’, was the people’s choice winner at the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival last year. It now stands in bloom on display on the village’s main road.

The sculpture was purchased anonymously at last year’s festival and donated to the Kimbolton community.

Coleman hoped the whole community could enjoy the piece of art.

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Sophie Coleman's 'Big Wish' sculpture is a dandelion made from repurposed materials is a new addition to Kimbolton's collection.


Sophie Coleman’s ‘Big Wish’ sculpture is a dandelion made from repurposed materials is a new addition to Kimbolton’s collection.

“I believe it symbolises the positive mindset we should focus on, not only out here in Kimbolton, but everywhere.”

She quoted the phrase, “you can look at a field of dandelions and see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes”, which inspired the sculpture’s title. 

Coleman grew up in Kimbolton and said it was nice to see the sculpture on display when she returned home from university.

The sculpture was purchased anonymously at last year's festival to be put on display in the community.


The sculpture was purchased anonymously at last year’s festival to be put on display in the community.

“I drive past and feel proud of what I produced from the hours of work that I put into the sculpture”.

“I am grateful to the generous person who bought it and donated it to the community. As it gained the people’s choice award, it’s fantastic to have it out in the public eye, settling in its home town.”

The main road in the village is to be used as a stage for various sculptures from the festival.

Kimbolton Sculpture Trust chairperson Tony Waugh said Big Wish would find a more permanent home at the Heritage Park Rhododendron Gardens when there was another sculpture to take its place. 

“We will keep changing the space and make it fresh and new. As the festival grows so will the sculptures in the village grow.”

The next sculpture festival is on April 4 and Coleman said she was trying to find time between her busy university schedule to make another entry.

“Here’s hoping I can get it done before this year’s festival in April, however, it may turn into a two-year project and appear in the festival next year.

“This next sculpture is in a different medium, so I am yet again testing my abilities, but I’m staying optimistic and hoping it will turn out similar to what is pictured in my mind.”


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