PLC Troubleshooting Boot Camp Training Class Presented by Troubleshooting Boot Camps

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RSLogix 500 Test Equipment

We have the ONLY Hands On PLC Troubleshooting Training Equipment
in the training business.

Our custom training is designed to give students the “Real World
Experience” of troubleshooting faults in PLC systems. The
instructor has thousands of fault combinations to choose from.

The Boot Camp starts at a beginner level and progressively takes
students to a new level of understanding how to quickly and
effectively find faults and field wiring problems.

This class is 80% Hands-On use of Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400
Controller and RsLogix 500 software.

Over 80 hands on lab projects are available and can be done based
on skill level. Each lab project is progressive to another.

We use custom training equipment made to be just like the
equipment on the floor. One work station for 2 students. Maximum
of 10 students per class.

Class Focus

Our classes teach the students to consider the entire system
while troubleshooting. Everything including the I/O power supply,
the field inputs, the input module, the LEDs on the input module,
the input’s status on the screen display, the ladder logic
program, the output’s status on the screen display, the LEDs on
the output module, the output module, the field output, and of
course all of the wiring between these components. We continually
stress the fact that the PLC program is only one part of a
complete system. A technician needs to understand a lot more than
just what shows up on the computer screen. Our classes constantly
drill the students to look at the “big picture” – as well as the
“details” – while troubleshooting.

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“PLC Troubleshooting Boot Camp” classes are not intended to
teach, “programming”. We concentrate on real-world troubleshooting
skills that are useful to technicians.

Many misconceptions about PLCs have been handed down over the
years from one technician to another and from instructors who have
no real field experience just programming experience. We clear up
a lot of misconceptions in our classes.

Another the problem that we see is that the training they’ve
received from our competitors has only given them information
about how a PLC-controlled system is “supposed to work”, no one
has ever shown them how to proceed when the system DOESN’T work.
Their previous training has never exposed these technicians to any
realistic PLC problems. Our classes are focused entirely on
problem solving.

We teach our students to use a systematic approach to solving
problems. They learn and to use the tools that are available to
them, things like the software’s Find All, Cross Reference, and
other search features. Our custom “Bit Box” will give students an
interactive understanding about Data Tables.

Knowing how to systematically track down the problem from one
component to another is a critical job skill for every maintenance

Classes are limited to 10 students. Two students per workstation.

Workstations Include:

Custom Designed Troubleshooting Trainer

SLC 500 Family / ML1400 PLC Trainer

New ThinkPad Touchscreen Laptop

Rs Logix 500 Allen Bradley Software

Demonstration Unit:

Custom Interactive “Bit Box”

Course Topics And Objectives

  • Hardware Focus
  • How PLCs Work
  • PLC Terminology
  • Parts of a PLC
  • Input Interfaces
  • Processor
  • Scan Cycles
  • Output Interfaces
  • Power Supplies
  • Programming Terminals
  • Hardware Considerations
  • Field Wiring
  • Master Control Relay
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Grounding
  • Organization and Function of Ladder
  • Logic Ladder Logic Data Table Organization
  • Numbering Systems
  • Data Table Files – Troubleshooting
  • Bit, Word and File Addressing
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Common PLC Instructions
  • Basic Relay
  • Counters and Timers
  • Data Transfer
  • Organization
  • Subroutine Files
  • Jumps and MCR Instructions
  • Fault Routines
  • “Real World” Applications
  • Hands on programming of real world applications

Students should have a good understanding of Relay
Logic and Print Reading before taking this class.

Who Should Attend

  • IT Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Multi-craft personnel
  • Plant & facility maintenance
  • Plant & facility managers
  • Stationary engineers
  • Anyone who works with PLCs

Class Information

  • Students should arrive the day before class and leave the day
    after the last class.
  • There will be a shuttle to transport students to and from the
  • Shuttle will also transport students to get food withing and
    short distance.

This Course Is Available To Be Delivered On-Site At Your

On-Site Training

  • We offer onsite training at your facility.
  • We can provide the same courses as we offer in public
    seminars. We can even design courses especially to meet your

Advantages Of On-Site Training

  • Modify the content to your specific needs
  • Protect company privacy
  • Workers remain on site in case of an emergency
  • Saves time and travel costs
  • Instructors can discuss your specific equipment
  • Problems can be openly discussed
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Increased price savings as the groups get larger
  • Promote teamwork & camaraderie among workers
  • More comfortable learning environment

Training Course Summary: Our custom training is designed to give students the “Real World Experience” of troubleshooting faults in PLC systems. We have the ONLY Hands On PLC Troubleshooting Training Equipment in the training business.



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