Progressives Perpetuate Yet Another Lie About Parler

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In its ongoing war against Parler and other social media alternatives, far-leftists and their close friends and allies in the corporate press have resorted to blatantly dishonest tactics. Along with publishing opinion piece after opinion piece whining about the existence of Parler, they have also disseminated outright lies about the company. One of the most pervasive deceptions they have employed is the notion that the social media company has been hacked. 

This particular rumor has been floating around on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook since it went viral in July. But it resurfaced shortly before Thanksgiving. Given the nature of social media most users who see the falsehood believe it to be recent — and true. 

John Matze, the CEO and co-founder of Parler, recently denied the rumors that its site has been hacked in a post on the platform. 

Newsweek reported that because of the rumor, “the term “ParlerHacked” became a trending Twitter topic in the U.S amid speculation that direct messages or private information from Parler’s high-profile users could have been compromised. There is no evidence to suggest the rumors are accurate.”

Wait, far-left progressives are spreading falsehoods about a social media site preferred by conservatives who wish to avoid biased censorship? Perish the thought! 

According to Newsweek, “Multiple reputable sources say a screenshot circulating today is from July. It showed a database, which appears to be a WordPress installation, that was not tied to Parler’s main site and was not found to be hosting real user data.” 

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To put it simply, some yahoo took a screenshot from some other site and falsely linked it to Parler. It’s the type of hoax that is easily debunked, but will still convince most of those who only consume left-leaning media, whose members will not tell the truth about the matter. 

On Parler, Matze wrote: “The alleged ‘Parler hack’ is a screenshot from a WordPress website that has been circulated repeatedly over the past six months, despite Parler’s multiple responses that we do not use WordPress products, nor WordPress databases.”

Matze stated that Parler’s databases are protected by “multiple layers of security”and that the image is “only capable of confusing a journalistic hack, not an actual hacker.” 

The, the Parler CEO lashed out at Twitter, the platform on which the lie got the most exposure. He wrote:

“If Twitter continues to fact check others, they should also fact check posts such as these that spread viral misinformation. Furthermore, we don’t store any personal data, user verification data is deleted on completion, and direct messages cannot send videos/images. All allegations are fake. They are just obsessed with us.”

On that last point, Matze is absolutely right. In fact, I recently wrote a piece about how obsessed the left-wing corporate media is with Parler. The platform has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years after other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook stepped up their censorship efforts against conservative users. 

But Parler experienced a drastic spike in downloads after Election Day. Predictably, the left wasn’t too happy about this, which would explain the dissemination of an obvious hoax. 

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Newsweek noted that “while some Twitter posts about a suspected hack were widely shared, in some cases attracting thousands of retweets, cybersecurity experts and reporters urged caution, warning sourcing was suspect and eventually clarifying that the image was old.”

I’ve stated previously that the far-left wishes to destroy Parler not because it is an echo chamber, or because it allows hate groups to have a platform, but because the Marxist crowd does not want rank-and-file conservatives to be able to express their views on a social media site that they do not control. The opinion pieces and false reportage don’t appear to be working, so in this case, they tried concocting a hoax. 

While this particular lie has been disproven, it will likely not be the last time the far-left tries this tactic. They will undoubtedly come up with more falsehoods to smear the company. 

But at this point, their efforts are doomed to fail. The fact is, conservatives will continue to embrace these platforms as long as Twitter and Facebook continue their censorious efforts. Since this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, it looks like Parler is here to stay. 


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