Red State’s RINO Safari (February 6)

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Let’s go RINO hunting!

Good Morning Red State Team! It’s already nuts out there and we have yet to complete a full calendar month of IPOTUS Biden’s administration. The Red State Front Pagers have been busy documenting the more egregious decisions of the Biden cabal, along with their deleterious effect on American health, financial well being and overall welfare. And believe you me, it’s no easy task keeping up with this torrent of torts on the American people.

Seriously folks, I would have to commission some serious expertise to help me accomplish this level of destruction. How Biden manages to cause such mayhem, merely by doddering from one ceremony to another, signing whatever anonymous document is put in front of him and then calling A Lid by 1300 every day, simply astonishes me.

Having said that, there have been more than a few of you who have said, on more than a few occasions, ” OK Ford. We got it. Things are ****ed up like a soup sandwich. So, what are we supposed to do about it? That’s a great question. The answer is, we are going to have to do a lot of hard, anonymous and thankless work; work we’ll speak to over the next several months as we identify particular things that might interest some of you.

However, the way ahead doesn’t have to be a brutal slog. There is absolutely no reason we cannot have a bit of fun along the way. Hence, the Red State RINO Hunt. After all, who doesn’t like a good contest… especially if it can help focus our attention on RINOs most needing excommunication, culling from the herd, or however you wish to call it.

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Here’s the contest. Every week you our great readers, get to nominate and vote for a RINO on whom we need to exact electoral retribution. This is needs to be somebody who we want to ensure has a solid and credible primary opponent. Somebody that would likely have a “D” stamped on his fat fundament, if he could get elected that way. On down the road, we’ll get into identifying Primary candidates.

The rules are simple (and subject to change as readers point out stuff I haven’t thought of).

On Saturday mornings, I will announce the winner of the previous week. All decisions are final. You may request a recount (accompanied by a bottle of 12 Year or better Scotch) but the decision will remain final…and I’ll still swill the Scotch.

In the comments section is where you nominate a RINO for the next week’s herd culling. The votes take place as responses to your comment making the nomination. I tally those up and report the following Saturday. Votes and comments are due NLT midnight on Wednesday.

Nominations should include a decent commentary on why we should bounce a particular guy/gal. Please, Please, Please…you folks voting and commenting on other folks’ nominees…ONE vote per reader and PLEASE put your vote right at the beginning of your comment in the form of “+1.” Then type all the commentary you like. Actually, that is the most important part…especially later, where we try to help support a particular Primary challenger to get him past the incumbent.

For this Saturday, to make things simpler (for me) I’ve gone ahead and nominated, held a vote amongst me, myself and I and picked the winner. So all Y’all have to do, is congratulate me on my brilliance, while putting your nominations in the comment section. Please read all the nominations. If somebody has already nominated the person you wanted to, just put a “+1,” followed by I Second,” followed by your commentary.

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Soooooo….without further ado, this week’s RINO on the chopping block is……

Representative Liz Cheney, Wyoming.

Here is why….do I really need to get into it? I didn’t think so. She’s a pretty easy choice which is why I used her to get things started. Feel free to sharpshoot me in the comments….but first…please vote on next week’s target. Remember, votes are due NLT Midnight.

Speaking of next week’s target, I have a couple of lists below, of possible candidates. This in no way, shape, fashion or form, is meant to be a limit on who you consider…. It’s just a way to get the conversation going.

This first list, contains all those who voted to impeach President Trump, based on no evidence whatsoever.

1.  Liz Cheney (Wyo)
2.   Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio)
3.   Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash)
4.   John Katko (NY)
5.   Adam Kinzinger (Ill)
6.   Peter Meijer (Mich)
7.   Dan Newhouse (Wash)
8.   Tom Rice (SC)
9.   Fred Upton (Mich)
10. David Valadao (Calif)

This list, has all the weaklings who voted with the Democrats to remove a fellow Republican from her committee assignments.

1. Kim (CA)
2. Kinzinger (IL)
3. Malliotakis (NY)
4. Jacobs (NY)
5. Smith (NJ)
6. Fitzpatrick (PA)
7. Upton (MI)
8. Diaz-Balart (FL)
9. Salazar (FL)
10. Gimenez (FL)
11. Katko (NY)

Final thoughts. Gang, we are in for a pretty tough fight…at least for the next 2 years. Make no bones about it. The leftists are in it for all the marbles. There will be some demoralizing days. Which points to the value of a place like this, where like minded folks (who don’t always agree) can gather, exchange ideas, enjoy some good fellowship… and even share a laugh or two.

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There is nothing that says we can’t become a force to be reckoned with by the political class. Remember, the one thing that gets their attention, is organized citizens. There’s also absolutely no reason we can’t enjoy ourselves and our comradeship while we are organizing. I hope everyone has a good time with this and takes it in the spirit it’s intended. With that said…Let’s go RINO Hunting!



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