RedState’s Scott Hounsell Joins Charlie Kirk to Discuss Statistical Irregularities in Wisconsin

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In the last few says my article series dealing with statistical irregularities in swing states has drawn a lot of attention from people around the Conserva-sphere.  Late afternoon yesterday, I got a call asking me to join Charlie Kirk on his show to discuss some of the irregularities in Wisconsin.

We cover how these counties jump off the page statistically and that these huge swells in support for Biden evaporate after a few miles.


Huge thanks to Charlie and Benny for having me on and I hope to be able to join them again soon with more data.  In the meanwhile, catch up with the articles in the series:

Excuse Me While I Call BS: In Wisconsin

Excuse Me While I Call BS: In Michigan

Excuse Me While I Call BS: In Pennsylvania

Stay tuned as I continue to release articles in each of the battleground states.



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