Republicans Win the Final Congressional Seat in NY22, But Dems Trying to Grab It Back, With Glaring Hypocrisy

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The last Congressional race from the Nov. 3rd election has finally been decided after 94 days and three months in contention.

A court has ruled that the Republican Claudia Tenney has won the NY22 race against Anthony Brindisi by 109 votes and ordered that she be certified the winner.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lauded the decision. “It only took 94 days, but Claudia Tenney has finally been declared the winner in #NY22. It’s about time.” He also noted the wave that flipped so many seats to the Republicans in 2020. “That’s the 15th House seat that Republicans flipped, and she joins 18 other women to set the record for our largest female freshman class ever. Congratulations, Claudia!”

According to The Hill, that decision now puts the House seats at 221-212 and the Republicans only need to flip five more seats to regain control. That’s a huge pick up in the 2020 race.

But what’s incredibly ironic about the race is that the Democrat, Brindisi pulled in Perkins Coie’s Marc Elias. Remember that’s the firm that hired Fusion GPS who produced the dossier from Christopher Steele and the firm which has repped Democrats against President Donald Trump in challenges over this past election.

What was incredibly ironic about his suit on behalf of Brindisi was that Elias raised issues of irregularities involving the voting machines and irregularities in the tabulation of the vote. Sound familiar?

The judge said no, there weren’t any discrepancies, no dead people voted and every legal vote had been counted.

But Brindisi isn’t happy. Nor is he conceding.

I thought it was bad and inciting to question election results, especially after they’re certified and the courts have decided the issue. Where is the twitter flag showing his claim is a “disputed claim?” Where are the Democrats to condemn this kind of action? Isn’t this a “threat to democracy?”

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Brindisi indicated that he will appeal and seek to contest the results in the House.

However, if the Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were to declare it for Brindisi, they could theoretically be justifying the same arguments that have been made about voting machine irregularities in the presidential race.

Can we say screaming hypocrisy here?

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