Rescue California 2021 is Putting the Final Nails in the Coffin to Recall Gavin Newsom

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When you have hit the international press, you know it’s top news. When the President has to try and prop you up, you know you’re in trouble.

The Daily Mail UK weighs in on the Recall of Gavin Newsom, lamenting on how the fast rising star could have fallen even more precipitously, and detailing his long relationship with the Getty family.

California‘s democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, once a liberal favorite, has become one of the state’s most controversial leaders in decades, now facing an intense recall effort that could result in his ouster.

“Furious with his management of the pandemic and the state’s vaccine distribution, a  massive petition campaign is underway by voters to get Newsom, 53, out of office – and the March deadline to submit signatures is looming.”

On a recent Zoom call with Rescue California 2021 Recall directors and organizers, it is now evident that they are very close. Rescue California 2021 is the more right-leaning organization that is collecting money and signatures toward the Recall, alongside, which is strictly bi-partisan and grassroots. Campaign Manager and Finance Director Anne Dunsmore said on the call that 1.5 million signatures were in possession, and they expected to have 1.6 million by Sunday.

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But as the Daily UK writer warns:

“But don’t count Newsom out just yet.

“He has the political and financial support of some of the state’s most powerful and influential families, among them one of the world’s wealthiest – the Getty Oil dynasty.”

The Recall goal is to collect and verify 2 million signatures before the March 17 deadline, in order to get the Recall effort across the finish line.

Rescue California 2021 Chairman Tom Del Beccaro encouraged,

“We’re super close, but we’re not there. We have to run through the tape.”

“We have to finish, we have to run hard through the tape. The best part about it is it can be done.”

Dunsmore chimed in,

“It is being done.”

Here on RedState, we have documented the Recall efforts from the very beginning, as well as Newsom’s huge missteps. From his draconian COVID-19 restrictions that have destroyed small business owners and independent livelihoods, to the infamous French Laundry dinner when Newsom had commanded that you could not see family on Thanksgiving, to his anemic handling of the vaccine rollout. After arrogating that he would have to vet any vaccine produced during the Trump administration, he has done nothing but botch the actual distribution. California is behind other states in giving the valued shots, especially to the most vulnerable.

The State’s hospitals in the largest counties of Los Angeles and San Francisco were so overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases where not all victims could be treated. On Tuesday, California surpassed New York as the state with the largest number of total coronavirus deaths.

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While the grassroots of continues to ramp up signature collection to ensure the 2 million signatures is reached, what is needed is money to complete the task. Newsom is propped up by The Gettys, The Democrat Party, and other monied interest who want to keep him in place. So any amount, large or small will help to put a final nail in Newsom’s coffin.

As Del Beccaro encouraged, We The People have to finish.

“I want you to think of this, Del Beccaro concluded. “We are the focus of resistance to Big Government in the Country right now. If we succeed here, we let the entire country know it’s possible to hold a governor accountable.

“All of you here are giving people hope that you can make government accountable in this day and age.”




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