Ron DeSantis Has the Perfect Response for the Mask Karens

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The requisite freak-out following the Super Bowl has been in full effect all day. We saw Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, claim that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should be charged with “crimes against humanity” (see Mary Trump Loses Her Freaking Mind Over Ron DeSantis After Super Bowl). CNN also had a breakdown, with a reporter fretting to local police about what they were going to those in walking around outside without a mask.

There was also some hand wringing over a photo of DeSantis himself enjoying the game without a mask on. That sent the Karens into an absolute tizzy.

Mother of God. He’s in an enclosed room made of glass without a face diaper on. However will he and the other person in this picture survive such a dangerous ploy? Clearly, this negates the fact that his state is beating the national averages regarding COVID while not destroying their economy to get there.

DeSantis, always observant of whatever is giving the media the vapors on a given day, took note of the outrage and responded in perfect fashion.

This is why I love the guy. There are a thousand other Republican politicians who would have gotten scared and given some disclaimer on the importance of mask wearing in this situation to try to cover their own tails. DeSantis doesn’t even play the game. He just tells the reporters to go pound sand and that he’ll drink a beer at a football game if he wants to. There’s something very American about that response.

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Besides, there’s no reason to be masked up in that situation anyway. There’s also no reason to be wearing a mask outside while celebrating. Let the media take to their smelling salts. Nothing they are criticizing is actually based in science, and that’s what drives them so nuts. They desperately wanted the “science” to bend to their political will and become a bludgeon for the next election cycles. When DeSantis showed it didn’t by following common sense, including showing that mask wearing was mostly an ineffective joke, that infuriated them. DeSantis also scares the bejesus out the left as a 2024 prospect. That’s why you see the hysterical attempts to attack him constantly.

DeSantis obviously doesn’t care, though. In fact, he seems to thrive off of the media attacking him, and that’s a major quality voters are going to be looking for going forward.




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