Rotary Carol Festival coming on Sunday

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The Melfort Rotary Chorus, conducted by Gordon Liddle, performed at the 70th Annual Melfort Rotary Carol Festival on Sunday, December 9.

The 71st Annual Rotary Carol Festival is at the Melfort United Church on Sunday, December 8. There will be only one performance this year rather than two performances there will be only one performance.

They have had to eliminate the traditional evening performance  –  so there will be an afternoon show only at 2:00  p.m.

”The explanation is simple.   Not enough choir and groups to fill two performances,” Rotary Club of Melfort president Ken Singer said.

The Rotary Carol Festival is a Melfort tradition and the organizers could not explain why the evening program had to be eliminated.

“Not sure.  We sent our invitations as usual and the response just wasn’t there,”

The Rotary encourages people to attend the one performance as all proceeds go to the Salvation Army Hamper project.





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