Scaled back Flower Festival helps Little Saigon prepare for Lunar New Year – Orange County Register

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This year there are no planned parades or big festivals, but there are the flowers.

Oh, the flowers.

Coronavirus restrictions have wiped out the usual community Tet celebrations in Little Saigon for the Lunar New Year, but a scaled-down version of the Flower Festival is happening at the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster so people can still prepare their homes with the traditional blooms to welcome the Year of the Ox on Feb. 12.

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According to Vietnamese tradition, various flowers have their own special meanings and bring luck to families when placed around their homes. Orchids, hoa mai trees and bromeliads are sought after.

Hoa mai blossoms, or the yellow apricot flowers, are a symbol of spring and seen as the embodiment of the holiday spirit; peach blossoms are harbingers of good fortune; and kumquats bring good health and good luck to family businesses.

The Flower Festival typically draws shoppers by the thousands, but was scaled back this year from about 100 vendors to around 20. Attendance is estimated to be down 80%, said Lyna Le, spokesperson for the festival.

The Flower Festival is open daily through Feb. 10.



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