Sharyl Attkisson Notices Something Obama Photographer Reveals, in Relation to Benghazi

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In the wake of the raid that took out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the White House released a picture of the situation of President Donald Trump and other officials during the raid.

But the official photographer for Barack Obama, Pete Souza, not a fan of Trump, then kicked off a conspiracy theory by claiming that the raid had happened when Trump was not in the White House. People were immediately off to the races claiming the photo was staged.

While Souza did eventually correct himself and admit that the picture was taken after Trump was back in the White House, he didn’t delete the original tweet.

But as always, the correction never gets the attention of the original viral tweet and the conspiracy is still being promulgated.

Folks on the left tried to compare the picture Pete Souza took when they got Osama bin Laden. Souza noted that every picture he made was saved according to the Federal Records Act and would eventually be made public.

But as Twitchy reported, journalist Sharyl Attkisson made a couple of important observations in Souza’s comments.

So why was her request for the Benghazi pictures blocked by Obama White House press Secretary Josh Ernest?

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As we can see, the Trump administration had no problem publishing the pictures of the situation room during the Baghdadi raid. And that’s on Saturday. The Obama administration had no problem posting the pictures of the situation room from taking down bin Laden and that’s from 2015.

Perhaps Souza or someone else in the Obama administration could shed some light on why those Benghazi pictures are still not released since September 2012, some seven years later?


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