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By Express News Service

Both Aruna Nambiar and Priya Balasubramanian are writers who have delivered strongly South Indian characters on a platter of beautiful, nostalgic words. 

​On December 23, the authors came together at The New Indian Express’s Dakshin Literary Festival 2020 to discuss the anatomy of a character.

“Location is essential because it evokes a setting for the reader. The reader needs to be able to see what you are seeing in your mind’s eye,” says Aruna, author of Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth and The Monsters Still Lurk. Priya concurs.

Although her novel, Alchemy of Secrets, has only been published in India, Priya insists that American audience has always been drawn to Indian fiction. 

“We have followed on the heels of giants. I would say Indian writing is a familiar territory for those in US,” explains Priya.



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