Soros Spent Almost a Million To Defeat a GOP DA, But She Won Anyway and Had a Special Message for Him

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While other political races have been getting a lot of attention over the past few years, George Soros has been quietly investing millions to push his candidates in races for district attorney positions across the country.

In this election cycle alone, according to the NY Times, his PAC contributed to five different campaigns on the East Coast with $621,144.97 to Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington, Virginia; $462,212.37 to Steve Descano in Fairfax, Virginia; and $53,900 for research, polling and campaign literature to Friends of Jack Stollsteimer in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

This usually gives his candidates a far greater advertising advantage in most DA races.

Those candidates he backed won.

If you wonder what a Soros DA gets you, you need to look no further at the “fundamental transformation” than at Cook County’s Kim Foxx, the DA behind the Jussie Smollett case who dismissed his case. She got an infusion of over $408,000 from Soros’ PAC.

Politico even wrote about the Soros effort in 2016 calling it “George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system.”

But there was one area and one DA position that didn’t fall to the effort this cycle.

Soros flooded Monroe County, New York with $800,000 just since October to try to defeat the Republican incumbent Sandra Doorley.

From Daily Wire:

“State BOE (Board of Elections) records show the New York Justice & Public Safety PAC responsible for more than $800,000 worth of television and digital advertisements opposing incumbent Republican DA Sandra Doorley or supporting her challenger Shani Curry Mitchell. Soros is listed as the sole donor for what’s technically classified as an Independent Expenditure Committee in New York,” reported Spectrum News, on October 22.

The massive cash influx was given some perspective by local radio host Bob Lonsberry weeks before the race: “If you took all the money Democratic Monroe County executive candidate Adam Bello has spent on his campaign, and added all the money Republican incumbent Cheryl DiNolfo has spent, and added in Bello’s money again, you’d have just about as much money as George Soros has spent trying to get Shani Curry Mitchell elected district attorney,” Lonsberry outlined in a column for News Radio Wham 1180, noting that Soros is looking to “decriminalize crime.”

But despite that, Doorley stomped on her opponent. Such a huge effort by Soros may have backfired and Doorley let him know it, “thanking” him for helping her.

“The Republican Party in Monroe Country is not dead, and we are alive and well,” said the DA. “And look at all the great people, here. We still have the energy and we will be back. And I am back for another four more years, so, thank you, George Soros!”

Doorley complained about Soros’ influence before the election and the Monroe County Republican Committee filed a formal complaint to the New York State Board of Elections in October, alleging “illegal coordination” between Mitchell and Soros’ PAC, Spectrum News reported at the time.

Though Mitchell claimed she did not pay for nor approve of the ads, Monroe GOP Chairman Bill Napier revealed a screenshot of the Democrat’s campaign manager Rynn Reed’s LinkedIn profile, “indicating she had worked as a public affairs intern for NYC-based public relations firm Berlin Rosen immediately prior to joining the campaign,” the outlet noted.

Berlin Rosen is listed as the creditor for the ads in question.

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Napier claimed this was a violation of state law, that a person may not be employed by an independent expenditure committee or an agent of the committee within two years of campaign involvement.

Good for Doorley! And that’s a remarkable win considering the amount of money and the ad buy against her.

But the Republican Party and those who don’t want to “decriminalize crime” need to pay more attention to the effort to “fundamentally transform” the criminal justice system and do some kind of a national response unless they want to see progressive DAs across the country and a lot more cases like that of Jussie Smollett that make no sense.



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