Sports Illustrated ‘Shatters Perceptions’ & Teaches You What’s Attractive with Its New ‘Obese’ Swimsuit Model

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Do you ache for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue the way the high-waisted yellow guy hankers for a hunka cheese?

Do you lie in wait in a creepy way at the supermarket, just waitin’ to get your sneaky mitts on the skimpy rag as soon as it slaps against the metal rack?

Well, this year, you’re gettin’ more for your money. Dig it — it’s heavy.

In October, the UK pulled TV ads because it deemed the model too slim (here). Nobody’ll have that gripe with SI newcomer Hunter McGrady.

Hunter’s the magazine’s brand spankin’ new “obese” model.

And why? Because “Exposure to diversity is the catalyst that will ignite tolerance, acceptance and understanding”:

Could you eat a wagon wheel?

As for Hunter’s claims, two questions:

1. On all counts, how??
2. Is that why people buy the Swimsuit Issue?

SI also posted a video of Hunter, asserting the model is fire:

Of course, Sports Illustrated’s also going full-on burkini in the 2019 issue:

So there’s a fit model covered from head to toe, and a fat model laid mostly-bare.

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I suppose I have a different view of a swimsuit magazine than does Hunter. My idea is: It’s a swimsuit magazine. It ain’t changin’ nothin’.

It seems to me that men look at the barely-there bikini issue for a reason similar to their utilization of Hustler. It isn’t to be taught what is attractive, or to partake in social revolution. In toxically masculine hands, any pages not appealing to a baser nature will just be flipped past.

Just my opinion. Hunter has her own:

“It takes one person, one publication or one label to make that leap into being inclusive and diverse and to speak out on behalf of those who are not able to. Exposure to diversity is the catalyst that will ignite tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Every generation has the opportunity to do something great to impact the world in a positive way. We will be the generation that shatters perceptions.”

Well, at the very least: Congratulations to Hunter McGrady for snagging a high-profile modeling job.

What are your thoughts? Let us all know in the Comments section.

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