Students Try to Deplatform University’s College Republicans, and You’re Probably a White Supremacist

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If you’re a Republican at the University of Oregon, some of your classmates want you gone.

At least, such goes for the organized version of you — the College Republicans.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, members recently attended a “Stop the Steal” rally.

Subsequently, they Instagrammed a photo of six guys standing in front of an American flag, boasting a MAGA banner.

But also behind ’em: two logos for the Proud Boys — a controversial group reportedly started by comedian Gavin McInnes as a joke (Gavin’s since stepped away).

In response, a faction of the student government’s purportedly now working to cut off funding for CR and revoke its status as an official school organization.

Meanwhile, the governing body passed a resolution calling for “cultural competency training” for all campus groups.

The Instagram image has garnered nearly 2,500 comments, among them accusations of Naziism.

Student government secretary Katie Clarke posted that she’s “so excited to deplatform” the group.

Per the Beacon, activists have demanded College Republicans disavow white supremacy — which they’ve already done many times.

CR Political Director Isaiah De Alba told TWFB the bunch doesn’t defend the Proud Boys “in any way, shape, or form.”

But Isaiah asserted the photo isn’t the issue:

“The reality of the situation is that this is not about our one-time Instagram post.… This is about a long-standing hate for conservative ideology on campus and the mob mentality at our university. We are more than happy to compromise with [the student government] in some way that does not conflict with our conservative beliefs or beliefs in free speech.”

Campus news outlet the Daily Emerald got in on the action, too — one columnist claimed the university was complicit in evil.

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Ever wondered what Republicans believe? Here’s a lesson from the school paper:

Indeed, the inability to muster the backbone to act in the face of white supremacy is a far deeper disease – it stems from the fact that nationalism lurks beneath the Republican ideology, a party that we have chosen to legitimize.


Silence from the university actively maintains white male supremacy… There is only one option: The College Republicans must be suspended, delegitimized by stripping its name and punished like all groups immersed in fascist ideology that came before them.

The writer went deep:

One could argue, of course, that silence is the only response possible for the administration. Is it not violating the First Amendment to challenge the College Republicans’ asserted political belief in white supremacy?

The article — which began with a quote from Isaiah saying, “We are in no way defending [the Proud Boys]” — was titled “Opinion: It’s Time for the University of Oregon College Fascists to Go.”

CR’s wasn’t hip on the piece, particularly its “flawed logic and blatant lies”:

Still, if it wasn’t true that Republicans are violent, racist, demented devils, why would people say they are? It’s a real shame they’re fascists….if only they could be…anti-fascists (Language Warning):



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